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  1. scooter14

    scooter14 New Member

    i seen on ascs website that the warrior region sprints are to be at mmp july 20th,is this correct ? any info would be helpful.

  2. Thing2

    Thing2 New Member

    Yes they will be there!
  3. Speedy95

    Speedy95 SPEEDY95

    I hope they bring their own scorers....
  4. scooter14

    scooter14 New Member

    does any body know how much to get in that night,what classes are running and when
  5. JoshtheJet90

    JoshtheJet90 Member

    There are flyers up at the track, I believe it says 15 to get in and support class will be the vintage cars but I could be wrong.
  6. uncle bob

    uncle bob New Member

    I cant wait,was there a couple of weeks ago. saw one of the best night of racing in the whole history of the track. the staff is very friendly and professional. Hats off to the prpmoter,owners and staff@ m.m.s.p for putting on a great show. With a great regular show i saw acouple of weeks ago, I cant wait to see what kind of show the sprint cars,ascs and the folks @ m.m.s.p put on. could not make it last week. will be there this week keep up the great work.

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