Mod mania question

big swigg

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I was just reading the event page on Facebook about mod mania.... it said something about passing points for mods.... is that what they’re going to? What’s the rules?

big swigg

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Kevin posted on Facebook

Passing points moving forward we are not taking points away for losing positions

Heats Passing Points
Top 40 after heats will go to
4 Qualifiers. Passing Points
Combined from heats and qualifiers will lock in top 16 to the A Main remaining cars will go to 4 B Mains taking top 2 from each
then 2 TCS provisionals starting field of 26 each night.

Similar to USMTS and Chili Bowl format
Every night is a full show and Full payouts


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Qualifying would make or break your night as well. If you were a decent car and qualified bad and got buried you might as well have loaded up for the night. Good change here!