Montgomery Motorsports Park

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by ExRacer, May 20, 2012.

  1. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    With the opening of Montgomery Motorsports Park I was wondering who was going to be there on the 26th for the 1st night.



    Count me in...
  3. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    We will with 2 latemodels.
  4. dirtboy

    dirtboy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how playday went? Just wondering how many cars showed up and how was the track?
  5. luv17racin

    luv17racin Member

    the 17v vanschydal owned team will be there to sling some dirt
  6. ptony39

    ptony39 New Member

    I'm heading to federated, sprints, modifieds and late model. What a great weekend for racing and a bad night to open a new track. I'd held off one more week so that the crowd won't be dejected cause of a low car count. I hope this track does well, not trying to down it, but omg, gotta look, and listen before crossing the road.
  7. dirtboy

    dirtboy Well-Known Member

    I55 only made that race pay more to save there azz... People are feed up with allied and all the bullsh-t that comes with I55. So you go there and get in your little circle before they put you in the corner tony for even looking at another tracks post!!!!
  8. ptony39

    ptony39 New Member

    I plan on visiting this track sometime, just not this weekend. Probably when they have the sprints, cause I'm thinking the counts will be down with two other tracks racing Saturday. And I kinda like the beer at highland, and I'm hearing there's no bear here. So yea, I'll be at the track with you, dirty boy at highland this weekend.
  9. dirtgirl

    dirtgirl Well-Known Member

    Okay you have made it very clear you hate AARA and Bellville and I-55. So you can stop now !!!!!!
  10. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    I-55 had this on their schedule before MMP had even been discussed opening on this site.
  11. jh11zracefan

    jh11zracefan Collins Fan

    I have heard that Tim Manville will be there.
  12. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    I think Ron McQuerry will be there.
  13. ptony39

    ptony39 New Member

    The moon man is and hammerle, not sure heard that a couple of Quincey boys
  14. Speedy95

    Speedy95 SPEEDY95

    Well you all know by now that im going there. Tim Hancock
  15. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    I was going to say that as well.
  16. With the exception of a couple of names I see here, most of the ones saying they are going are the ones who cause a lot of carnage wherever they go.
  17. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    There will plenty of time to go to MMP this year,everybody needs to calm down.....This constant b*tching and bashing is really making my azz tired.......Real race fans aren't chit stirrers,I'm just sayin. I hope MMP opening night is a success,but I'll be at I-55. Have a nice day! :)
  18. SnapOn35

    SnapOn35 New Member

    Steven Delonjay from quincy will be there as will the Grotts car from what im hearing
  19. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    I have heard the same thing.
  20. dirtboy

    dirtboy Well-Known Member

    I wish the new owners and promoter the very best this weekend... Have a safe and happy memorial day weekend!!!

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