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Discussion in 'Doe Run Raceway' started by DaddyZ, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. DaddyZ

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    Just saw the updated start times for race nights starting July 13th on the website. I realize that these decisions aren't taken lightly and that the best interest of the track and everyone has to be considered, but starting earlier is going to make it difficult, if not impossible for us to run at the track on a regular basis. We are usually one of the last teams to arrive weekly. I know a half hour doesn't sound like a lot, but we personally have a hard time to make it to the track on time now with our work schedules.

  2. dirt devil

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    I was at the track last night and was talking to Bob and he told me about the new start time. He said that with the added class two nights a month and the vintage cars once a month that his program was getting over later, so he was going to try this new times and see if that helps. He said there was alot of thought into this and he felt this is what he would try and that he was sorry for the inconvience this would cause some people
  3. FaithfulFan


    If making it in time for pill draw is going to be an issue, give Bobby or myself a call. We can always have someone draw a pill for your driver. I work at the track and I am the person who handles pill draw every week. This is just something that Bobby is going to try. We have had several drivers and fans ask why we can't start earlier, and like dirt devil said, with adding the pure streets twice a month and the vintage cars once a month, the racing program was running very late. The last time we ran the vintage cars it was 12:30am before the races got over. We truly hope you guys can still make it to the track every week. Like I said, contact me or Bobby if you need someone to draw your driver a pill. It will be witnessed by another driver so that no one can say there was any cheating.

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  4. DaddyZ

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    Crystal, thanks for the info. What number can we call you at if we need to have you draw? We might be better off having you draw anyway, considering how we usually do :)

    I definitely understand the decision, its much easier for us micro teams since we usually run the first feature, and we do appreciate being able to get home at a decent hour. The issue for us personally has really more to do with our crazy work schedules.
  5. FaithfulFan


    I'm going to send you a private message with my cell phone #. I don't want to put it out there for everyone to see. LOL!
  6. tobias101

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    On the phone number issue. I was running late the last time we ran there and no one answers the track number...just get a recording. Luckily we made it before pill draw but it would have been nice to speak with someone. Maybe you could add another public number...just in case.

  7. bigbobdrr

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    Ld cell number is 573-315-9791
    Mine is 573-760-4013
  8. FaithfulFan


    I may be wrong, but I don't think there is a phone at the track. Bobby posted 2 cell phone numbers above that you can call if you are running late and need someone to draw you a pill. I also sent you a private message with my cell phone # in case you can't reach either of them. I'm happy to help any driver/team out that may be running late or until they get adjusted to the new start times (which will be effective July 13th...NOT this Friday, June 29th). Hope to see ya'll at the track tomorrow night and bring lots of WATER and towels to keep cool!

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