New to Racing..need some advice

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by rwomack32w, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. rwomack32w

    rwomack32w New Member

    this will b my first yr racing..i will b racing street stock division..can anyone tell me if there is a rule for which type of sheet metal i can in aluminium or steel....any info would greatly b appreciated..thanks

  2. 7D.MaC

    7D.MaC New Member

    if its body panels have to use steel, i think .045 min. if i find my rule book ill let you know. if you are patching holes you can use aluminium
  3. 7D.MaC

    7D.MaC New Member

    ok just found my rule book does not specify on metal for body panels, just that it should be stock appearing (rule 10 pg. 26). Rule 8 says: floor pan must remain stock from front firewall to rear axle. Plug up unused holes with aluminum or steel, and reduce openings to a minimum where linkages and etc. pass through. These rules are from A.A.R.A. 2012 rule book, hope it helps. Dustin McClintock
  4. Intake

    Intake Member

    No aluminum body panels ! Steel only! That means hoods and trunk covers also!
  5. rwomack32w

    rwomack32w New Member

    thanks for the answers...

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