old school paint job?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by old#7, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. old#7

    old#7 New Member

    any old school bomber/ ss hand painters left out there? i would love a retro paint job like back int the 80s when i watch racing at btown with the parents?

  2. Danny Crawford

    Danny Crawford New Member

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  3. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    Some of these wrapped cars don't have enough contrasting colors to stand out on the track...Not really showing off the sponsors very well...I too,miss the Hand-Lettered cars of the past.....
  4. karsbell

    karsbell Member

    I don't paint but we can cut stickers for you. We haven't gone the wrap way either, because we like contrasting colors that show up. Look at www.karsbell.com to see some of our stuff.

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

  6. old#7

    old#7 New Member

    exactly! lol
  7. G Dirt

    G Dirt Member

    Well, at least the words are spelled correctly. Just don't make sense...... Thought maybe dirthound stumbled across a thesaurus.
  8. old#7

    old#7 New Member

    Maybe a word scramble? Or just way to in depth lol I appreciate it tho
  9. 7D.MaC

    7D.MaC New Member

    I have two guys, pm me if you are serious, both guys are awesome with a brush, and can do anything you want on a race car.
  10. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    Donnie Patton can letter a car too. Does awesome work!!

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