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Discussion in 'All other items' started by Richard57, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I have 2 used beadlocks for sale. One is chrome and the other is black. Not beat up junk, I just can't use them on my car. They are both 4 inch offset, and 5 on 5. I have an afco radiator for sale also, it is used but still works great. Just a spare that I have laying around, it is 26 inches wide. I want $50 a piece for the wheels and $75 for the radiator. Also have some front end parts off of my old sportsman car. Not too sure what they will fit you would just have to look at them and see, make offer on frontend parts. Call, text, or P.M. me for any info or details. 1618-578-3801 thanks Richard Hines

  2. Richard57

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