PBracing to defend Illinois State Belt!!

Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by i refin, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. i refin

    i refin I Refin

    Hey Puaal, Are you planning on defending the Gold Belt Sat. ?? I might consider pit crewing for you,if you buy breakfast after the races.Maybe you'll get paid for Jan.17 if you show up again.:D :D :D

  2. pbracing

    pbracing New Member

    Waiting to see what the weather might do as far as snow and rain and also trying to find out if anyone else from illinois is planning on racing Flickerwood this weekend.
  3. racermom

    racermom New Member

    Abe Martin George Blattle Roger Andrews and Derek Hogue and one more I cant think of his name right now but they all said they are coming
  4. missouri drifter

    missouri drifter Watching my sons race

    I would race with ya Paul but kart owner (Scott) took it away from me he said 2nd wasnt good enough at springfield, so he is putting a better driver in it (Mckenzie):D If you know of anyone that has a good roller for sale i might be looking for one to play around with, have motors and tires but know ride lol
  5. racer rik

    racer rik New Member


    Hey there drifter, I dont know if it is sold yet, but we still have our 97 Trick offset her3 in the garage, ready to race, just needs a good driver:D I am a little bit off for tracks like Flickerwood, plus I have to woork again on Sat. Talk to Paul, if interested, 618 224 7484. Good luck to you if you go, these tracks are not for slouches like me:D

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