Practice tonight, WinterFest on Sat. w/ weather update

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    Weather update request: As of Friday morning at 6:20 AM both Nashville (FOX 17) and Chattanooga(Channel 12) are calling for Sunny and 49(Nashville) to 53(Chattanooga) TODAY- Saturday’s forecast is Sunny and 49 (Nashville), Sunny to partly cloudy, 49 degrees with 30% chance of showers moving in later, after dark on Saturday. We are 80 miles south of Nashville, and 70 miles northwest of Chattanooga.
    Hope this helps. We are racing and hope to see everyone this weekend sometime. Practice this evening is optional. On Saturday, don’t be late. We will move the show, LM feature is second main event.
    I will try an give any further updates if time permits but I will not be home much the next two days.

    Open Practice" on Friday, February 13th - Gates open at 5:00PM, practice from 6:00 PM 'till ?? - Speedway grounds will remain open on Friday night for any out of town racers who wish to stay / camp overnight.
    Winchester (TN) Speedway’s
    2nd Annual "WinterFest" / 40 Laps
    Saturday, February 14th (Sunday the 15th is the inclement weather date)

    Late Model Rules for "WinterFest" Late Model show:
    *Open Engines = 2,300 lbs. With 8 inch spoiler
    *Spec Engines(IMCA/SAS/SUPR) = 2,200 lbs with 12" spoiler
    *Spec engines with open intake = 2,250 lbs with 12" spoiler
    *362 Steel Block/head (stock valve angle only) with no porting or polishing of heads, flat top pistons, flat tappet cam = 2,200 lbs with 12" spoiler (This engine is the track rule steel head engine)
    Gas or Alcohol / Any Front tire / Any brand rear tire that sticks 60 or greater (we only check rear tires and we check prior to time trials and events).

    Late Model Payout: 1)$3,000 2)$1,500 3)$1,000 4)$700 5)$600 6)$500 7)$400 8)$340 9)$320 10)$300 11)$290 12)$280 13)$270 14)$260 15-24)$250

    *Open Wheels (IMCA Type rules) - $700 to win and paying all 24 starters.
    *Super Stock - $400 to win
    *Pure Stock - $200 to win
    *Outlaw Pony - $350 to win
    *Mini Stock - $300 to win
    All Class rules and our 2004 Season Schedule are posted on our web site. Note: LM rules on our web site are the normal LM rules and the aforementioned rules will be in affect for all Super LM races (July 5 and November 6)
    Saturday's Gates open at 10:00 AM - Driver’s meeting at 12:30 PM with hot laps at 1:00 PM, time trials and races to follow ~ 2:00 PM Mufflers needed, $100 Entry Fee on Late Models only..
    You may contact Tim or Jana Smith at: (931)469-7898 (home, evenings) or e-mail Tim at: Track Phone is: (931)967-0066 Fax Questions to: (931)968-9324 You may also contact Dennis at: (931)967-0047
    OW's will draw and run heat races then start the 20 lap main event straight up based on heat race finishes. Feature pay will be as follows: 1)$700 to win 2)$400 3)$250 4)$200 5)$125 6)$100 7)$75 8)$60 9)$50 10)$40 11)$35 12)$30 13)-24)$25

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