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Ray Walsh's 2015 Impressive For Sale

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by yawannago, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. yawannago

    yawannago Active Member

    Ray Walsh's 1W 2015 Impressive modified is for sale. Complete car minus drive train. The car has multiple feature wins with less than 50 nights. Comes with a new (16 nights) P.E.M. Rear End, Afco Shocks, BSB Bird Cages, new springs including pull bar. No motor, transmission or seat included. This car has NEVER been wrecked. Time to focus on the 2W... Asking $10,500.00 Any questions call Ray 314-359-3141.

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  2. yawannago

    yawannago Active Member

    Saturday showed it's still a damn good ride...
  3. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

    just asking why would you continue to race a car you were trying to sell? and take a chance of wreaking it
  4. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

  5. shredxcam

    shredxcam Active Member

    Would you still drive a car or truck you are trying to sell?
  6. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

    I sure wouldn't if my car or truck and it got wreaked why I was driving it, it would be worth nothing
  7. crash9

    crash9 Well-Known Member

    He owns it, might as well go out and have some fun still. I'm sure his sponsors appreciate it.
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  8. Flying Penguin

    Flying Penguin Active Member

    So do the fans!
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  9. crash9

    crash9 Well-Known Member

    Also I'm pretty sure he probably wanted to win the Laura Jumper memorial!
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  10. 21racer4life

    21racer4life Member

    Have you ever watched him race?
    I don't think fear is in his vocabulary!
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  11. Unlimited

    Unlimited Member

    Best place to sell a race car is in Victory Lane! Everyone wants to buy a winner.
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  12. B1Crew

    B1Crew Tom Walker

    Ive never heard of anyone wreak a car. I know there have been some wrecked!
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