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    "Bandit Sprint Cars 1.0
    By: 321 Development
    Category: Dirt Oval
    Initial release: 23-Sep-07

    Supporter/Helper links: www.calrace.com www.xmotorsports.net www.mirandathrockmorton.com

    The Bandit (Non Wing)features a 733HP engine. While the Super Bandit (Winged)carries a 916HP engine. These beasts take to the dirt like no other car, allowing you to take corners at blistering speeds and be completely on edge while remaining in control.

    Our reasons for working on the Sprints. We wanted to offer the dirt racing world of rFactor a car with power and fun. We based every aspect of our physics model and setup areas on real world values. You will be very surprised to find that we have multi-length wheel bases.

    We also put the Caster vales to real world number along with camber. Go to the upgrades and check it out. Our engines for both the Bandits and the Super Bandits have gone though many updates and changes. The horsepower on the Super Bandit is a tad higher than the real world. This was done to give more pop after we worked on the aerodynamics.

    Our wings are very real and will make the car tight or loose. Use them to tune. Notice our spring rates, they are real world. The tire files were worked on and they now get heat into them along with good sideways action. Our goal with both of these cars was to offer the dirt racer the most fun along with good FPS performance. Matt Sotomayor spent two months on just updating the model and making the FPS performance live up to our standards.

    Matt Glass of Matt & Glass race cars gave us tons of information on how these cars work. We want to say thanks to him. Mark St Martin did the sounds for these cars and they are a nice touch to the mod.

    We are also working hard on tracks for this mod and will be offering more in the coming weeks.

    This mod is also about giving honer to the fallen heroes of sprint car racing. Please remember that these guys paid the ultimate price to entertain us. "

    www.321development.com/index.php?321=sc We will always try to help drivers to get the cars to work for you. Also starting Oct 6th CRO will be running a small series with these cars. Come on over if you would like to race them in a league. We also are very willing to help with setups. www.calrace.com

    its a blast come have fun with us :D

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    what is this for, computer or ps2 or what.

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