Rochester 2 barrell dripping from booster at idle....HELP!

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by G Dirt, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. G Dirt

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    I've got a rochester 2gc 2bbl carb dripping from the rt side booster at idle. When I ran it last, the rt side header was glowing. I took it apart, found that the left side emulsion tube had fallen out of the booster assy, and the air horn (top) gasket had shriveled up. I fixed the emulsion tube, replaced all gaskets, and lowered the float level. I bolt it back on, and right side booster is dripping at idle. I didn't check to see if that is what it was doing when the header got red hot. I just assumed I had to lower the float level. Could this have been the problem all along? Could I have a power valve not sealing? If so, wouldn't it affect both sides of the booster? Any ideas? Thank You, Greg

  2. DaveMcLain

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    Red glowing headers can be caused by a lot of things including a mixture that's too rich, too lean and most often by a low compression engine with the wrong cam. With that said the booster could be dripping on one side because that side simply has more "signal" due to having something in the air bleed, a slightly different booster position or even the intake manifold. You might experiment with adding another gasket under the booster cluster to slightly raise both boosters to see if that cures the problem. In the past I've had a difficult time getting the boosters to not feed at idle on a Holley 7448. You might have to work on the idle circuit a little to see if you can get the engine to idle even 100 rpm lower and that might cure the problem too.

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