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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Purestock-S10, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I ran my car once last year at Belleville and in the pits the car sounded great had good throtle responce on the track a differnt story couldnt get the car to go over 5200 rpm and it was sputtering ,it has a new dist,cam, timing chain,plugs ,this car used to run great then I sold it ,bought it back And I have this problem was told it started doing this before I bought it back,I am now changing to another new dist,new carb,fuel pump.all new wiring.I was told it may have been just my spark plugs ,is this posible I run accel header plugs

  2. Weak Valve Springs?
  3. Racing 68

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    Valve springs, or spark plugs.
  4. DaveMcLain

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    If someone changed the distributor make sure it has the AC Delco D1906 GM part number 19180771 module. This is the best HEI module to use up to 7200rpm. I've seen aftermarket modules lay down, cut out, shoot ducks etc at about 5000rpm on the dyno. HEI's are quite voltage sensitive and they draw pretty much current so also make sure that the HEI is being fed using a large 10GA wire with good connections at each end.

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