Scott Weber wins Summer Natl's at Haubstadt !

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Sparkmaker, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Sparkmaker

    Sparkmaker New Member

    Last lap pass for the win. Freaking awesome race!!!!!
    Way to go!!!

  2. Sparkmaker

    Sparkmaker New Member

    I don't really know the guy but he is my new hero. Drove a heck of a race!!
  3. Harper4418

    Harper4418 Member

    Congrats to Scotty Weber...
    Weber beats James by a fender.
  4. T.C. Springer

    T.C. Springer Determined

  5. Mrs4J

    Mrs4J New Member

    This is SO Awesome... Congratulations to my Wonderful Husband!!!

    Very special thanks to Randy Korte, Teri, Joe & Dawn Kehrer, and ALL the guys!!!
  6. bigevil1

    bigevil1 D.O.A.

    heck yea! wtg scotty!!!
  7. goingracing

    goingracing Member

    You da man Scott Weber way to make your ole dad proud.

    BGERSTNER Member

    Congrats!!! That's a big win for your first sn start
  9. bumpngo4

    bumpngo4 New Member

    Congrats to ya Rocketman! I'm sure the smile on your face will last for days! Also congrats to Tina Jordan and Gary your biggest fans!!! A win well deserved my brother!!! Wish you more to come with great success of hard work and elbows up!!! (Bobby)
  10. jr35

    jr35 jr35

    Unbelievable job by Weber. I became a Scott Weber fan a few years ago when he came to a little track in Mississippi where I raced and he and a local guy battled hard, but clean for a $1,000 to win race.
    I was at Haubstadt tonight and he absolutely outraced all the heavy hitters. No dirty driving, just one guy getting after it and winning.
    It was honestly one of the best races I have ever seen and I have seen a whole lot of them. It totally justified the 200 mile drive and then some.
    Congrats to Scott Weber and the entire team.
  11. tim4j

    tim4j Member

    Congrats brother!! You deserve it!!
  12. Cooper Lane

    Cooper Lane Member

    Congrats Scotty !! !!!
  13. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    Great Post..
    .....I guess now Scotty can be called a "Big Gun"?...Congrats!!!!:cool:
  14. Dup1

    Dup1 Little Deuce Coupe

    congrats!!! can win in anything he gets in, unreal that he is not in a car every week, one of the top drivers in the sport
  15. 14mtrsports

    14mtrsports New Member

    Congrats on a big win!! from Braden Johnson racing
  16. ltcar12

    ltcar12 New Member

    Great Scott, you look just as good, no, better passing the big dogs, than you do passing us crates at Tri_city. W.t.g. Tim H, from Team 74
  17. Mrs4J

    Mrs4J New Member

    Our thanks for all the comments. It is truly appreciated. You have no idea how we feel about all of this, still in awe. Thanks again.
  18. Parts Gal

    Parts Gal Linda Schaefer

    Way to go...Congrats!!!!
  19. yawannago

    yawannago Member

    Congrats from the 1W crew!!!
  20. TNracefan

    TNracefan Member

    One of the best races I've ever seen! Was well worth only getting 2 hours sleep before work. I remember seeing him run a USCS Modified show at Garnertown (TN) about 10 years ago and have been following him ever since. Congrats on the win!

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