Short, Smith, Savage, Boyd and the kids are all winners at SFCR!

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    Farmington, MO (August 21) -- On a typical Saturday night the racing is at the top of this list. However, this particular night belongs to the kids and the fans. Charter Communication sponsored the night with giveaways from St Louis Rams running back, Steven Jackson. A very nice Jersey, Rodell Helmet, Football and a copy of NFL history. The Annual “Kids Nickel Race” was held on the front straightaway. Belgrade State Bank, Tight Bodies Fitness and Robart Chiropractic sponsored the event with 5000 nickels to spread on the front straight. The kids could keep all the money they collect, but were only allowed one prize coin. Prizes were donated by the drivers and crews ranged from cold hard cash to bicycles. More information will available on the message board of the track. One other item to mention on the kids race, Blakes BBQ House in Desloge and Chuck Huff Motorsports teamed together to see all kids received a free kids meal with their ticket stub for the next two weeks. Thanks to all who participated in this annual event.

    Moving into the racing now, Steve Short completed the hat trick by winning his heat, the dash and the feature on Saturday. The race got off to a rough start to say the least. Drivers came to the flag stand expecting a green and got the slow wave of the green. This meant no start. Confusion ensued in turn one with several cars getting in to a tangled mess. Joey Boyd, John Epperson, Jason Hunt, Kyle Chady and A J Bruns were all collected. A J turned his mount over on the top, cruching the wing and he would be done for the night. All others would continue. One the green came out Short shot out to the lead followed by Casey Barnhouse, Keith Burch and Joey Montgomery. Lap 2 found the caution flag in the air for Randy Stilley as his car was stalled heading the wrong direction. During this caution Joey Boyd would flatten a tire and head to the work area for a fix. He did not get the tire changed by the time the race was set to go green and his night was finished. Short would handle the field for his second win of the season. The brothers Montgomery placed in the next two positions with Joey getting the better part of Tim. Fourth goes to Casey Barnhouse and point leader Jimmy Hurley completed the top five.

    The A Mods were in top form tonight. Billy Smith extended his point lead by taking the checkers in the 20 lap event. Smith was challenged by several drivers for his win. Early on it was David Shepard, the 2009 Champion, gave him stiff competition only to spin out and have to go to the back. Shepard did work his way back through the field only to have issues in turn four and call it quits for the night. Bringing a new race car off the trailer and untested, Matt Eaton brought a “new” Shaw car out and found a lot of speed in the car. After struggling somewhat in the early part of the season, the new car performed extremely well. Second in his heat, Third in the dash and runner up in the feature. Matt did have the lead for a short time. He made a pass on Smith off turn two only to see the caution wave. Therefore the pass was for nothing more than to show Billy he had something for him. Eaton settled for second. Former Champion, Brent Thompson claimed the honors for third place. Jeremy Greenwalt takes fourth and Wall of Famer, Tommy Worley, Sr gets it done for a fifth place finish.

    The B-Modifieds for some reason were having trouble getting their feet underneath them. For one reason or another they just couldn’t get it going. After several attempts the managed to run the event. Kyle Stolzer set the early pace followed by Kenny Harris and Brian Richards. Richards would spin and collect Stolzer. Even with his mount damaged on the back, Stolzer seeed to be in control of his car enough to stay at the front. Harris applied pressure and found an open line and he would lead the next few laps. His car developed a push. Going through the third and fourth corner it washed out. Stolzer was making an attempt on the outside to regain the lead, but had to brake hard to stay out of the door of Harris. This would open up a huge hole on the inside groove. Mike Savage found that opening, shot the gap and was never seriously challenged for the win. Harris and Stolzer managed to hang on for their respective second and third place finishes. Randy Forster and Eddie Gross followed to complete the top five.

    Chris Boyd is again have a remarkable season in the Pure Street Division by winning another feature event. His black number 3 machine handled to perfection as he beat the field again. Jimmy Farris, still looking for this first win, chased the distance for second. Another former winner, Charlie Savage takes third place honors. Vince Conway, who has had his share of troubles, has a fine run for fourth and Eric Sarakas completes the top five.

    Racing for the 2010 season is winding down. Just a few more events remain. Next Saturday our regular show of 410 winged Sprints, both A and B Modifieds and Pure Streets will again take to the track. Grandstand and pit gates open 4:00. Hot laps for the divisions around 6:15 and racing following at 7:00. Admission is $10 for adults in the main grandstand. Children under the age of 12 are free with a paid adult. Pit passes are $25. Check out the track website at for more information. Track radio station has changed frequeny to 101.7 on the standard FM broadcast dial.

    Heat #1: 1. Keith Burch 2. Tim Montgomery 3. Kasey Burch 4. Jason Hunt

    Heat #2: 1. Steve Short 2. Joey Montgomery 3. Jimmy Hurley 4. A J Bruns

    Heat #3: 1. Jerrod Hull 2. Casey Barnhouse 3. Brian Keen 4. Randy Stilley

    Dash: 1. Steve Short 2. Casey Barnhouse 3. Keith Burch 4. Joey Montgomery

    A-Main: 1. Steve Short 2. Joey Montgomery 3. Tim Montgomery 4. Casey Barnhouse 5. Jimmy Hurley 6. Keith Burch 7. Kasey Burch 8. Jason Hunt 9. John Epperson 10. Tierney Cooper

    Heat #1: 1. Billy Smith 2. Kent Nations 3. Tommy Worley, Sr 4. Brent Thompson

    Heat #2: 1. David Shepard 2. Matt Eaton 3. Jeremy Greenwalt 4. Kasey Nations

    Dash: 1. David Shepard 2. Billy Smith 3. Matt Eaton 4. Kent Nations

    A-Main: 1. Billy Smith 2. Matt Eaton 3. Brent Thompson 4. Jeremy Greenwalt 5. Tommy Worley, Sr 6. Matt Dickerman 7. Kasey Nations 8. Billy Joe Beard 9. Kent Nations 10. David Shepard

    Heat #1: 1. Brian Richards 2. Randy Forster 3.Jack Halbert 4. Eddie Gross

    Heat #2: 1. Kenny Harris 2. Shane Blair 3. John Bohn 4. Mike Savage

    Heat #3: 1. Kyle Stolzer 2. Shannon Burch 3. Mitchell Landrum 4. Matt DeNoyer

    A-Main: 1. Mike Savage 2. Kenny Harris 3. Kyle Stolzer 4. Randy Forster 5. Eddie Gross 6. John Bohn 7. Shane Blair 8. Shannon Burch 9. Mitchell Landrum 10. Matt DeNoyer

    Heat #1: 1. Chris Boyd 2. Jimmy Farris 3. Charlie Savage 4. Patrick DeNoyer

    Heat #2: 1. Vince Conway 2. Robbie Wells 3. Kodi Savage 4. Eric Sarakas

    A-Main: 1. Chris Boyd 2. Jimmy Farris 3. Charlie Savage 4. Vince Conway 5. Eric Sarakas 6. Robbie Williams 7. Kodi Savage 8. Patrick DeNoyer 9. Robbie Wells 10. Tom Wahlers

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