sneak peak...... 2012 gumm modified

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Jimmy Cummins, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Jimmy Cummins

    Jimmy Cummins CEO, Cummins Lumber Co.

    i am getting close. i plan to race fayette county friday night, and either montgomery county or highland on saturday. it depends on how friday goes. thanks to rick gumm and my dad for their help, and to steve maisel for being my therapist.

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  2. dirt hound

    dirt hound Well-Known Member

    ha ha but its green no really the car coming around nicely
  3. keith harre

    keith harre Member

    will be great to have you back at fayette county good luck with your new car

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    nice welder,,,he.he.he,car aint bad ether
  5. Debbie Cummins

    Debbie Cummins Bomber Momma #19

    I can't wait! I go to the races and don't see my Jimmy anywhere. C'mon James, get 'er done!

    It needs 2 new decals..."Bomber Momma's Cookies" and "Pop's Transmissions". So excited to finally see my Jimmy race this year!

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