SpringfieldRaceway Bordertown Casino Presents 5th Annual Octoberfast At SpringfieldRaceway With Mone

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    The next event scheduled at the Quick-Quarter of the SpringfieldRaceway will be on Sat October 9th with the running of the Bordertown Casino Octoberfast.This popular 1 day event features not only exciting side by side racing action but also the Popular Bordertown Casino Raining Money Bucket drop for some lucky Fans as tickets will be drawn to see who gets a chance to pick-up $1,000 in $1 bills and $1,000 in Casino Bucks .Also the Speedway will be hosting the Fastest Sherriff's race in the Ozarks as many of the area law enforcement get a chance to wheel a car on the High-Banked Quick Quarter mile dirt-track and compete for a beautiful customer traveling throphy from SpringfieldRaceway and Hoffman Racecars.The Law Enforcement group will be in Crown Victoria Cars built by the groups themselves.Over 16 different teams have pre-entered including the Greene County Sherriff's Dept,Greene County Police Group,Christian County,Jefferson County, and many more.Earlier this season at Sedalia 21 teams competed in this event at the State Fair Grounds.The Speedway will be hosting this event to help raise for One Missing Link in the Springfield Chapter.This helps raise the awareness of missing kids in the Ozarks and his very near to the Springfield Group.

    Bordertown Casino has been in business since 1987 with the new larger facility since 2003 and is located 13 miles South of Exit 4 In Joplin off I-44 in Seneca,Missouri and is open 24 hours. Owned and operated by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe,They offer something for everyone with Bingo,Casino Slots,Poker,Game Tables,Special Promotions,Off-Track Betting and Fine Dining.

    You can visit the website at WWW.BordertownCasino.Com or contact them at 1-800-957-2435 Ext 358 for more information.

    Racing action will feature the high-horsepower of the A-Modifieds,SportMods(B-Mods-SpringfieldRaceway rules),area StreetStocks,Legends the area PureStocks(Bring your track rules) and the Midwest Modz.This 1 day event always provides large car counts and side by side racing action

    The High Speed of the A-Mods will be battling for $1,111 to win and $275 to start,The Exciting side by side action of the SportMods battle for a $555 to win $100 to start main event, The Always Popular StreetStocks go head to head for a $377 to win and $100 to start Main Event,the 3 wide action of the LegendCars wheel for a $333 to win and $100 to start feature with the New Exciting Midwest modz duke it out for a $277 to win and $100 to start event and the Always entertaining PureStocks(Bring your area track rules) go door to door for a $222 to win and unheard of $100 to start Main Event as the winner will be hitting the Winning Slot Machine Numbers From Bordertown Casino

    Grandstand gates will open around Noon on Sat October 9th as Hotlaps will start at 2PM and the first race is scheduled at 3PM.The early start is due to the large entries this event draws along with the extra activities.Feature events should be starting around 6PM or so that evening.The PitGate will open around 10:30AM as the draw cut-off time is set for 2:00PM.

    More information can be gathered by visiting the website at WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.com or contacting Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426.
    Raceday information telephone is 417-863-0097.

    SpringfieldRaceway is located 1/2 mile West off I-44 at The Willard,West ByPass Exit and just South of West Kearney on West Gate(SR123)

    Payout and Entry information-All Pitpasses $35

    A Mods-$80 car entry fee
    A ft-1)1111 2)600 3)500 4)400 5)380 6)370 7)350 8)320 9)300 10)290 11)280 12-20)275 B Ft not transfering to A Ft-100
    SportMods(B-Mods-SpringfieldRaceway Rules) $30 Car entry fee
    A Ft-1)555 2)360 3)250 4)220 5)200 6)160 7)140 8)130 9)120 10)110 11)105 12-20)100 B Ft Not Transfering to A Ft-50
    Bombers(StreetStocks) $30 Car entry fee
    A Ft-1)377 2)250 3)200 4)160 5)150 6)140 7)130 8)120 9)110 10)105 11-20)100 B Ft Not Transfering To A Ft-50
    Legends $30 Car entry fee
    1)333 2)200 3)160 4)145 5)140 6)135 7)130 8)120 9)110 10)105 11-20)100 B Ft not transfering to A Ft-50
    Midwest Modz $30 Car entry fee
    A Ft-1)277 2)200 3)160 4)150 5)140 6)130 7)120 8)115 9)110 10)105 11-20)100 B Ft not transfering To A Ft-50
    PureStocks $25 Car entry fee
    A Ft-1)222 2)140 3)135 4)130 5)125 6)120 7)115 8)110 9)105 10-20)100 B Ft not Transfering to A Ft $50

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