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Street stock spring ?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by mopar performace, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. mopar performace

    mopar performace MOPAR PERFORMACE

    On the a street stock what size spring would be better to run on the rear. Would a 11 in be better or a 13 in spring in back be better.
    What weight spring would be a good starting point on the rear and front of a street stock.right now i have a 1050lb on right front and a 900lb on the left front and in the rear i was going to start with 150lb on left rear and a 175 on right rear or 150lb on right rear or is this to light of a spring in the rear of the car. I believe the total weight of car is 3200lbs any help would be appricated thanks brian

  2. G Dirt

    G Dirt Member

    I'd probably weigh the car with those springs in it and then see what you got first......BUT lr should be heavier than rr.....
  3. mopar performace

    mopar performace MOPAR PERFORMACE

    Thanks g dirt i will try that.im not totaly done with car yet just try to get ideas thanks
  4. 7D.MaC

    7D.MaC New Member

    you are real close to what guys are running, but g is right, scale the car, i run leaf springs or i would tell you what i was running
  5. 24racr

    24racr New Member

    I ran a street stock/sportsman from 1995 to 2000 with a metric frame. We had LF 1000, RF1300,
    LR 200, RR200. I used 13" springs with buckets welded in the frame on the rear.Car will be to high without buckets trying to use 13" springs.We used straight 6 valve shocks on the front and straight 5 valve shocks on the rear.Don't mess with split valve shocks if you are a beginner.this spring setup won the track championship in highland in 1999.I changed the front springs to LF1100 RF 1400 for pevely and won pepsi nationals in 1999.hope this will help!
  6. mopar performace

    mopar performace MOPAR PERFORMACE

    Anything helps when u trying to figure out a starting point.thanks for the input i will try some of this and see how it works i have raced some before mostly mini stocks.
  7. eg19

    eg19 New Member

    i run 1000LF 1100RF 200LR 225RR
  8. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    If you can use bucket and run a taller sprign thats a good way to go. But if you cant 11 inchers is all you can go. Your close on the springs if the car is 3200. Might go25- 50 pds more on each side and the left side should be more than the right side.
  9. ohsomthin

    ohsomthin ohsomthin

    I got a 1000 on ebay 150897831883 at like $5.00 I would do 1100 RF, 1000 LF, 225 LR and, 175 RR but that was on big chevelle or impala chassis
  10. DanielTaylor

    DanielTaylor Daniel Taylor

    Leaf springs are important when towing heavy objects.Bear with me here, this digs a little deeper into how leaf spring suspensions work. I can agree to use a LR instead RR.

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