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Discussion in 'All other items' started by chopperridder, May 3, 2005.

  1. chopperridder

    chopperridder the need for speed

    14 " cutting torch,realy nice,this is heavy dity,not jap crap 75.00

    1 large oxygon tank with cap (for cutting) 25.00

    1 med size argon tank with cap 25.00

    tilt steering colum for 88-94 jeep, tan in color with key 75.00

    ram horn manifolds, sbc 1 side straight down in middle, 1 side a 35 degree angle in middle 50.00

    1 bench top arbor press 10 inch throw 25.00

    drill bits, up to 11/2" some new,most real nice good ones,again not jap junk
    tell me what you need for price,,,these are expencive new

  2. nightrider

    nightrider New Member

    whats the bottom dollar if i bought the torches and tanks? does it come with the hoses?
  3. chopperridder

    chopperridder the need for speed

    at those prices,that is the bottom dollar,i have a cheap harbor freight torch ill sell with the tanks for 100,( if your not worried about quality,,,,)
    not hoses,this is tanks and torch,


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