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    Can anyone tell me what time the swap meet starts in Highland on Sunday. And where exactly it is located. Also is there usually a lot of stuff put out to buy or trade? I didn't know if it was just a swap meet for racers or if it was part of a flee market. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    swap meet

    be lots o vendors and lots more racers stuff from drag oval offroad all kinds o racin food in the basement you can buy whole racecars or just hot wheels bout all a racer would want the web page posted dosent work i would be there by 8 am lasts tilll around 4 at the park /racetrack in highland

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    i have 100+ vintage playboys for a buck apice,,6/$5,,, go see my bro-in-law in the NW cornor up stairs,,tell him uncle leonard sent you and to give all STLRACING users $5 off any helmet,,,DIRECTIONS,,find I-70,,find exit 24 or 30 go south,watch for signs,its at the fairgrounds,,call me if you get lost,,314 920 3725,,BRING MONEY

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