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    My dad Jimmie Breakfield passed away on 1-22-11 He loved racing and was there every Friday night He loved watching Don Klien And Mark Schaefer win races And i think the biggest thrill was seeing me win races.By far the high light of my life!He made a few friends in the straight away in turn one.And he loved cheering buy you all. Dad didnt cheer for the crowed favorite he cheered for the guy who he thought loved racing. my dad was a hard working man that earned every dollar ,And he taught me a man has got to work for what he gets in return .I wont be racing this year because I cant afford it, But you can bet Dad will be watching Tom Isler14 (my brother) Randy Dietzel 95,Dave Khuen59,Ron Wiedler 81 Thanks Rich Breakfield 23


    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    Sorry for your loss Rich.
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    Sorry to hear about the loss Rich. We send our prayers Richard, Laura, Elizabeth, and Isabella Hines
    Hines Racing 57
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    Sorry to hear of your loss Rich! Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you!
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    Your family will be in our prayers.

    Brian & Candi Eaves
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    I couldn't have said it better

    He brought us up at the races. I think that's how he kept us out of trouble in the summers. Little did he know he was sharing a part of his life that would then be a part of our lives forever. He always had a track family even though he wasn't racing anymore by the time I got to start going with him. He was so proud when you started racing and I believe he was a little freaked out when I went on the track. I know that he loved working on the cars with us and never ran out of racing stories to tell. All the drivers will have one more angel watching over them this year.

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    Deepest sympathies from our family to yours.

    The Schaefers

    Mark, Linda, & Casey

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