Thank You Kevin (Revin)

Discussion in 'Tri-City Speedway' started by nakitta8, May 29, 2005.

  1. nakitta8

    nakitta8 New Member

    Kevin I just wanted to thank you for the changes in the flagging (cautions coming out in a timely manner)....things were much much better this week! I was very concerned after last week...but things are lookin good...keep up the good work!! Thanks again!! :)

  2. bigrightrear

    bigrightrear Member

    He can't be doing stuff like that. Then there won't be anything for people to piss and moan about on here.:rolleyes: :D Good job Kevin.
  3. PerigoRacing48

    PerigoRacing48 IM BAck!!

    I feel alot safer now knowing that when a car is spun out/wrecked that the yellow will come out....Thanks Kevin!!!
  4. Luke Warmwater

    Luke Warmwater New Member

    I haven't seen Kevin in a couple of years. Was that him in the flagstand?
  5. SUPER6

    SUPER6 New Member

    no it was not him

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