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Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by nitrocowboy84, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. nitrocowboy84

    nitrocowboy84 Member

    I would like to thank montgomery motorsports park for a GREAT NIGHT OF RACING! Loaded up the family and went to a family frendly racing facility with discounted children rates at the pit window. The track surface was a little rough but is comming around very well. A track offical walked out to our pit area and personally thanked us for being there. We as a racing community need to stand behind this track and help it along with car counts. Remember rome was not built in one day and the track will need time as any new business does. Thank you to Randy, Casey, and all the staff for the time and effort being put into the racing community!

    Corey Ford

    P.S. You have to try their loaded nachos, they are might tasty!!!!

  2. cwl2703

    cwl2703 New Member

    I sure wish there was a spot to get the results. What is there website? I have looked all over the internet for it. I was there the first night and that place will succeed.
  3. cwl2703

    cwl2703 New Member

    I found the website. Would like to know the results.
  4. Speedy95

    Speedy95 SPEEDY95

    I will try and post the results on sundays if not sunday,,Monday morning.
  5. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    Thanks Cindy :) Also there needs to be a link on the website for results. Tell your webmaster to add that please.
  6. Yea I feel the same way with results, but I understand they are dealing with a lot so it could take time to get everything worked out. I also know there is a guy taking pictures at the track but there are only a few on the website, does he have a web site that he post them on or maybe post a link to them? I like on facebook and they had a post the othter day about how they needed the track owner or promoter to go on their website and take control of their page on their site. said that Montgomery got the most veiws out of all the tracks in the nation last weekend! Over 200! but they had no info on the track really, so you might want to look into that. I sent them the web site link.
  7. dirtcrazy

    dirtcrazy Member

    how many latemodels were at montgomery on saturday?
  8. Wranglerkenny

    Wranglerkenny New Member

    One of the things I would like to see them do is organize the cars BEFORE they come onto the track. Letting them come on haphazardly then spending the next 5 minutes trying to organize them while some of them are doing hotlaps wastes alot of time. I have seen other tracks that bring the cars on in running order as the cars from the previous race are leaving. One lap around and they get the green flag. We could maybe get out of there before midnight.
  9. 11 supers and 3 crates.
  10. cutlass88stl

    cutlass88stl SLANGN DIRT N ****IN GAS

    we need pics
  11. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    yes sir we do
  12. JoshtheJet90

    JoshtheJet90 Member

    They do line them up before coming on the track but they cannot line up double file because the entrance is too small so everyone kinda gets out of place.
  13. cwl2703

    cwl2703 New Member

    I hope we can get the super late model count up. They get around there good. You think that will happen?
  14. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    When the word gets out that the track is better then it has been the last 2 weeks they will come but it will take time. Remember MMSP started late this year and alot of the lates are running for track points and dont want to leave that track till next year.
  15. nitrocowboy84

    nitrocowboy84 Member

    We will most definatly be back and trying to bring more. I have to miss this weekend with family events but plan on being there on a regular basis.
  16. cwl2703

    cwl2703 New Member


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