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Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by hrnts69, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. hrnts69

    hrnts69 SBS Motosports

    Iam looking for tire info for a Open/Outlaw kart for Junkyard. I would like to know whats a good compond, wheel width, stager, and anything elese with tires. Iam trading a guy in New York all my RC Racing Equiptment for a 2 cycle UAS kart and hes got lots of tires and wondering whats the perfered setup at my local track.

  2. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    JYI & Bedrock are both Burris tires only. You'll want treaded tires. TX or QRC series.
  3. Jones-4

    Jones-4 New Member

    Any thing that will bite. and with that much power you probably need TX 22's or 11's i got some of them just the older k series just depends on what kind of shape the track is in.
  4. racing75

    racing75 Grumpy old man

    i use tx 22 and tx33 the tx11 are to soft unless you have an extra $300 to spend on tires every 2 weeks. lf 5.5 lr and rf 800and rr 900x12, lf 6 in wheel all others 10 in wheel you need 1 1/2 in stagger front and rear.
  5. Jones-4

    Jones-4 New Member

    11's are a softer tire but when nothing else will hook up 11's are what i would try or drop your air's. And kurt dont even make TX 33 11's and 22's in treaded
  6. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    TX 11 & TX 22 are teh Burris compounds.

    The QRC's come in 11, 22, 33 & 55.

    All of the above compounds are made by Burris.

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