Tommy Worley Jr. outruns OReilly Midwest All Stars and the rain at Bloomington Speedway

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    Camargo, IL (8-21-09) By Kelly Brown Public Relations Director Usually when you are at a race track and you hear the drivers are dodging something, it is another competitor on the track, but tonight the Midwest All Stars were dodging rain drops at Bloomington Speedway. After a short shower the All Stars were able to get the A-Main in. When the feature did take the track, it was Tommy Worley Jr. grabbing the lead on Lap 1 and holding off a hard charging Randy Hannagan to win his second career OReilly Midwest All Stars Series race.

    On the drop of the Green Flag it was two-time Bloomington Speedway winner Danny Smith starting from the pole with Worley to his outside. Worley would get the jump and take the lead going into Turn 1. Smith attempted to fight back on the next lap, but got high and went over the cushion losing several positions.

    Just as the leader was starting to encounter lapped traffic the Red Flag would come out. The first pause in racing action was for Jeff Bland Jr. who went over the tracks edge on Lap 6 and ended up upside down. Bland would return to the event with only minor damage. On the restart it was Worley leading the way to the green with Kody Kinser, Hannagan, Chris Andrews, and Smith rounding out the top-5.

    The Yellow Flag would be unfurled before a complete lap could be scored when Ty Deckard came to a stop on the back stretch. When the race resumed the battle would be for fifth position as Smith had it and Brandon Wimmer had his eyes on the position. Wimmer would pick up the position sliding under Smith in Turn 3. The Yellow Flag would fly again on Lap 10 when the 44 of AJ Bruns went over the cushion and stopped in the grass momentarily.

    When racing action resumed Worley would jet out to the lead. The battle was on for second as Hannagan was challenging Kinser for the position. Hannagan would get past Kinser running in the high line. The second Red Flag of the evening would come out on Lap 14 for a freak incident. In Turn 4 Bland spun in front of the leaders. Worley would get past him, but Hannagan would slow to try to avoid the incident. Kinser could not see the incident ahead of him ran over the rear end of Hannagans 1x car and flipped, while having one of his best runs at his home track.

    On the restart Worley continued to hold the lead, but Hannagan had it in his sights. Over the last part of the race the two would put on quite a show as they battled for the lead. Hannagan who favored the low line and Worley who was working up high would get side by side several times as they worked inside and out of lapped traffic. At one point the two were so focused on each other, third place Andrews slipped under Hannagan momentarily, but Hannagan battled back. While fighting for the second position Andrews got high and lost control allowing
    Hannagan to get back by.

    With just one lap left Hannagan had one more shot to get around Worley. It appeared as if Hannagan had Worley coming off of Turn 4 on the last lap, but was unable to get by. At the line behind the duo it would be Andrews, Smith and Jerrod Hull rounding out the top-five.

    This would be Worleys second career Midwest All Star win in his first 410 sprint car start at Bloomington Speedway. Worley would break the stronghold that Danny Smith at Bloomington as he became the first driver to keep Smith out of Victory Lane at the southern Indiana track.

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    Top Two Quotes

    Timmy Worley Jr. Randy is a good racer. I knew he was going to be there challenging me by the end, but I just did not know when. I would like to thank the fans who toughed it out through the rain tonight.

    Randy Hannagan -It was a good race. He did what he had to do to win. I would like to thank my crew. Well go back and work a little harder next time. It was unfortunate the incident with Kody that car spun around in front of me and I slowed because I saw it, but Kody had no way of knowing the car was there. I have to thank the fans for sticking it out through the rain. Without the fans this race would not be possible.

    Kistler Engines Qualifying
    1. 1x Randy Hannagan 10.245
    2. 6 Bill Rose 10.388
    3. 0 Brandon Wimmer 10.398
    4. 4k Kody Kinser 10.447
    5. 15c Chris Andrews 10.481
    6. 97 Tommy Worley Jr. 10.505
    7. 4 Danny Smith 10.59
    8. 12 Jerrod Hull 10.661
    9. 22t Miranda Throckmorton 10.704
    10. 44 AJ Bruns 10.737
    11. 48 Ty Deckard 10.753
    12. 17 Nic Faas 10.805
    13. 39w Alex Shanks 10.873
    14. 4b Tom Busch 10.901
    15. 38 Jeff Bland Jr 10.903
    16. 17w Scott Williams 10.973
    17. 9h Logan Hupp 11.037
    18. 6r Ryan Bunton 11.044
    19. 66 Shane Wade 11.218
    20. 0x Broc Burton 11.385
    21. 9t Dickie Gaines 11.43
    22. 72j Chris Babcock 11.479
    23. 44x Eric Edwards 11.611
    24. 54 Cam Shaffer 11.631
    25. 39 Eddie Lake 12.419

    MSD Ignition Heat 1 10 Laps
    1) 4 Danny Smith (4)
    2) 44 AJ Bruns (3)
    3) 17w Scott Williams (1)
    4) 4k Kody Kinser (5)
    5) 1x Randy Hannagan (6)
    6) 39w Alex Shanks (2)
    7) 66 Shane Wade (7)
    8) 39 Eddie Lake (9)
    9) 72j Chris Babcock (8)
    Kears Speed Shop Heat 2 10 Laps
    1) 9h Logan Hupp (1)
    2) 4b Tom Bush (2)
    3) 12 Jerrod Hull (4)
    4) 15c Chris Andrews (5)
    5) 48 Ty Deckard (3)
    6) 6 Bill Rose (6)
    7) 0x Broc Burton (7)
    8) 44x Eric Edwards (8)

    All Pro Heads Heat 3 10 Laps
    1) 6r Ryan Bunton (1)
    2) 22t Miranda Throckmorton (4)
    3) 38 Jeff Bland Jr. (2)
    4) 97 Tommy Worley Jr. (5)
    5) 0 Brandon Wimmer (6)
    6) 9t Dickie Gaines (7)
    7) 17 Nic Faas (3)
    8) 54 Cam Shaffer (8)

    University of Northwestern Ohio B Main 12 Laps
    1) 6 Bill Rose (1)
    2) 9t Dickie Gaines (6)
    3) 0x Brock Burton (5)
    4) 66 Shane Wade (4)
    5) 54 Cam Schafer (9)
    6) 44x Eric Edwards (8)
    7) 72j Chris Babcock (7)
    8) 39 Eddie Lake (10)
    9) 39w Alex Shanks (3)
    10) 17 Nic Faas (2)

    OReilly Auto Parts A Main 30 Laps
    1) 97 Tommy Worley Jr. (2)
    2) 1x Randy Hannagan (6)
    3) 15c Chris Andrews (3)
    4) 4 Danny Smith (1)
    5) 12 Jerrod Hull (7)
    6) 22t Miranda Throckmorton (8)
    7) 6 Bill Rose (11)
    8) 6r Ryan Bunton (16)
    9) 0 Brandon Wimmer (5)
    10) 48 Ty Deckard (10)
    11) 9h Logan Hupp (15)
    12) 54 Cam Schafer (20)
    13) 17w Scott Williams (14)
    14) 4b Tom Bush (12)
    15) 4k Kody Kinser (4)
    16) Jeff Bland Jr. (13)
    17) 44 AJ Bruns (9)
    18) 0x Broc Burton (18)
    19) 9t Dickie Gaines (19)
    20) 66 Shane Wade (17)

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