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Tony Jackson, Jr.'s debuts CLUB 29 Racecar at Springfield (pic)

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by jdearing, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member


  2. 00K

    00K Member

  3. 00K

    00K Member

    There lanigan car isn't even finished that was a rocket that's what there crew chief told me sat night.
  4. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    It says Club 29 Race Cars on the spoiler, but who knows.
  5. SaltyDog1s

    SaltyDog1s Active Member

    I think it has rocket sticker above cage by driver.. Also the new club 29 cars the support bar by front pillier doesn't go all the way up like rocket. Who knows though.. It's just a rocket copy either way..
  6. HookerHarness

    HookerHarness Member

    I dont believe that car to be the first Lanigan/Stuckey-Black Diamond car. There is only one completed and it is going to PRI next week for the show. I believe that is just a Club 29 Rocket car that he raced last week.

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