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Tulsa Shootout

Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by Hutchens_28, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hutchens_28

    Hutchens_28 New Member

    i haven't seen anywhere about the clone class being apart of the kart classes down there at the shootout. Anyone know if they have added this class or will add it?


  2. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    Don't know, but if they do there will be 300 karts in that class. Take it from me, if you draw a bad pill, pay again and draw another one. Only one heat and most of the time you have to win it to get in. If you don't win that then you have to win your consi. Tough to make that show when you draw bad.
  3. Hutchens_28

    Hutchens_28 New Member

    my luck with pill drawing has ss****ed! lol. i got a few buddies going down there running micros, was hoping they would have the clone class added.
  4. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    Even if they don't have the clone class, go with them anyway. I've never gone and not raced but that is a great show. The best in my opinion. We always had a blast when we went down there. That place is very impressive the way they get everyone under one roof, not to mention the track is always great. And then to top it off, if you make the show its something that you can always brag about:D. Not a lot of local guys that can say that, its the hardest show to make in my opinion.
  5. Do the karts really have to check in 2 days before they even have practice? Seems like a lot of wasted time if they do in my opinion.
  6. K-Dawg30

    K-Dawg30 Member

  7. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    Its a sight to see for sure.
  8. That place is freaking hugh! How big are the pit spots? My hualer is 24ft long. Hope to make it this year. I do have it on the calender and I am off of work. I believe its like an 8-9 drive though.
  9. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    Around 8 hours or so. Really boring drive though. The pit stalls are like a 10x10 or so. The more karts you bring, the more spots you get(unless you're SBR or James, someone like that). Its my favorite show for sure though. If you get a chance to go, def take the opportunity.
  10. lil44burwell

    lil44burwell Member

    WOW! I have to go theyre, Racing or not that looks awesome!
  11. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    It is completely insane. Loved it everytime we went(whether I made the show or not). Actually I think I had more fun the times I didn't make the show than I did we were in the show. To stressful when you make it(but a blast either way).
  12. HMR Kart Shop

    HMR Kart Shop missouri drifter

    We have been there 3 times and it is the most intense racing you will ever do. Where are you going to race adult flathead on a 17 tooth driver indoors and start 30 karts. The RWYB class will have 25 karts in it and are 2 seconds faster than the midgets total insanity lol. We have had alot of fun and alot of success there. This year we are skipping it and taking the boys to The Holiday Classic in Phoenix to race that weekend.
  13. lil44burwell

    lil44burwell Member

    Sounds awesome, John, got any clones for sale? Used or new, stock or raceready. I need something to keep me occupied lol
  14. HMR Kart Shop

    HMR Kart Shop missouri drifter

    i have one for sure race ready and possibly 2 if it doesnt get paid for by the weekend.
  15. Tulsa or Arizona! I would pick Arizona 200% of the time! Have fun out there!

  16. Donny4x

    Donny4x New Member


    I called Brad the tech guy at the Tulsa Shootout a few days ago and ask him if they were going to have a clone classes this year, he said they were not. His number is 402-484-3892 if you need to call him. I wished they were, now I have to try and put a few Briggs together.


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