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Viper Racing in Herculaneum

Discussion in 'SLKA (St. Louis Karting Association)' started by fj6roadrunner, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. fj6roadrunner

    fj6roadrunner KNK-MOPAR-PARTS

    Anybody know if they are still in business? I ordered parts on 12/14 and have not recieved them. Sent a couple of e-mails asking if they have been shipped and for a tracking number. Nobody will respond to my request. I got a order conformation when I ordered the parts, but thats it. Anybody out there know if this is the way they do business??? Thanks Kevin

  2. racermc70

    racermc70 Member

    they are still in business. they were a big part of awards banguet for the slka association. i do not have phone number for them but you may try and get phone number and call them. not to make any excuses but they may have taken a holiday vacation and will come back after first of year. good luck with your cart and hope to see you at pevely this year with it. big paul

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