Way To Go!!!!

Discussion in 'St. Francois County Raceway' started by N2R8CIN, May 18, 2008.

  1. N2R8CIN

    N2R8CIN New Member

    Congratulations Mikey and crew on another win. Keep up the good work and best of luck.


  2. LadyCrimzon

    LadyCrimzon New Member

    WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO... Look out the Hurricane has come to town!!!!!!!!
    Congratz to all the HMS crew!!! :D:D:D;)
  3. BVT

    BVT Earnhardt Fan Forever

    Yes Congrads to HMS and that Awesome Driver on another win!!!

    ***Mikey, I keep waiting for my Kart Wheel!!!:)

    LIVNIT Mrs. Hurricane to you!

    Thank You!!

    Thanks guys!! We appreciate all the support!! I don't want anything I say to sound cocky, but I am so proud of Mike!! Pill draw means alot but driving does too!! Hopefully we will continue to have a great season!!
    Couldn't be there without all our sponsors though!! A special thanks to all of them: Ellis Battery, Randolph Towing, Southpaw Grafix, Mullins Race Engines, Olympic Steak House, Masson Trucking, Roach Auto Repair, Jim Evans Racing Carburators, S&H Trucking, and anyone I may have forgotten, WE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    (Sorry about the Kart Wheel thing, Kathy. I really think that could hurt him!);)
  5. LadyCrimzon

    LadyCrimzon New Member

    HAHAHA ummm there comes a time when I think ya just get to old for stuff like that...LOL
    Bones and body just cant handle it...
    Oppz, I mean I'm not saying that Mikey's old or anything......:eek:
    Ummm anyway, congratz again..Ill be quite for now...;):D
  6. Bud_Man_8

    Bud_Man_8 Member

    lol way to get the plugs in michum....ive been waiting since january to come back and have my picture taken......so it better happen.....plus i miss da bugg too
  7. sprinted

    sprinted Love dirt track racing

    I have to ride with a Francis to the races every week,so stop the winning so I don't have to hear the bragging,lol
  8. traumadog5208

    traumadog5208 New Member

    Way To Go Mikey We Will See Ya Saturday

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