West Memphis show get thumbs down

Discussion in 'St. Francois County Raceway' started by archer, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. archer

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    Some of us went to the ASCS show last night at West Memphis. They had a great field of cars, large crowd and a tacky fast track. So everybody was pretty fired up prior to the races. The racing was terrible. One fast groove right in the middle. AT THE GREEN FLAG THE CARS SPREAD OUT, LINED UP AND BLOWED AROUND THE TRACK FOR 8 FAST LAPS. I don't think the first three heats even yielded a pass. The forth heat had one car pass about three cars then the fifth heat was just another hot lap session like the first three. Same thing for both B mains. They finished where they started. It took Gary Wright 12 laps to pass one car. It rained just before the A main. They were going to try to run the track in but we had a long drive and decided it wasn't worth the wait. First time I ever left a race early. Of course if they hadn't run 4 support classes they would have beat the rain. They had a hand full of 305 sprints that weren't bad but the other support classes were junk.
    Fans at Farmington and Pevely are very lucky to see the show they get every week.

  2. Bud_Man_8

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    you missed a "DUST BOWL" at pevely
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    Hey Fish
    How about this one.
  4. Bud_Man_8

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    nice......but would have been better if it was one where he had the left from up through the corners!!!!
  5. que pasa

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    Yeah but it would look nice.
  6. Bud_Man_8

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    isnt it past your bed time

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