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White City raceway/speedway

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by yankeedawg, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. yankeedawg

    yankeedawg Member

    I did a goggle earth search on Mt. Olive an White city,an saw what was the old race track.I know after the tragedy car racing came to a end.Is the club house still open ?Are does anything go on there? I know there is a few that remember the place.

  2. Brandon Paul

    Brandon Paul Free agent score guy

    What I remember are some really late nights at White City, particularly a Fourth of July show where they had to stop the races shortly before midnight so the fireworks show would still be on July 4 instead of the wee hours of July 5.:eek:
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  3. Sheetmetal

    Sheetmetal sheetmetal

    white city

    they still have motorcycle hill climbs there every year right next to where the track was..
  4. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    kinda like tri city or when tri track series was running
  5. Maverick!

    Maverick! John 3:7

    I live close to there and quite a few years ago. The property was sold to a horse trainer. As far as I know that is what it still is now. And yes they do still hold hill climbs and motorcycle races at the bottoms across the road from where the track used to be. There are alot of the racers from that time that sill live in this area. Bud Gilliam ( now a drag racer ), Rick Tomlinson ( went into mud drags and has now retired from that ) , Rick Tyre ( now a drag racer ) just to name a few of the locals. I have never been there myself but I have heard plenty of the old stories.
  6. Jim Finch

    Jim Finch New Member

    I was hired by the Century 21 real estate office in Litchfield to shoot aerial images of the property which includes the White City/Midstate track. Driving even 30 mph around the track, which is now grass covered, the front end of my pickup felt like it was trying to push around the corners. Click the link to view a 360 degree panorama of the track and the surrounding area that I shot. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in closer or back out for a wider view. Move your mouse to turn in all directions. Even up and down.

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    Well,i had the pleasure of being the first Mod on my lid in 3/4-no wall but they had ute tires just at the outside edge of the turns (NO T SMART)had my car in a great drift going in 3 .drifted up a bit and clipped the UTE tire-spun me around and my LF blew and over I went--kind-a flopped on the roof-I climbed out and saw all my tires were where they should be--we flipped her back over fast so as niot to get much oil in the top of the motor-I jumped back in but I did not say "gimmy ma car back like dale sr. did at Daytona---hit the starter and it fired-had a flat left front-drove it to the pits wher Maury Bargetse changed it..finished the heat-started last in the main-was up to 6 when the RR exploded (we ran BIG monster tires on the RR)--I was there the night the cornor guy got hit driving Darwin roaches nova--
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  8. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    Had a lot of good times there!.....Saw a lot of good racers there,Larry Phillps,Billy Moyer,Ray Guss jr.,John Seets,Mike Wallace....I still miss that place.....I was there when Lumpy went into the trees off Turn 1....:)

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