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So let’s talk sprint car count and running order.

Running order will be: a-mods, sprints, super streets, micro’s b-mods. ( note, depending on car counts and semi feature requirements, micro’s and b-mods could possibly be swapped in order for heat races)

Now, let’s talk about the sprint car count.
Before I start, let me say this. This car count prediction is just my best guess from my notes. I’ve been contacting drivers for the last 2 months. Really hit it hard this week, and as of Friday night this is what we have. I have a list of 38 drivers who have told me they are coming in the last week. Keep in mind, a couple of those could end up not coming last minute. There will likely also be a few drivers who show up unexpectedly. As of 7:30pm on Friday night, i would think it’s safe to say we will have 35ish cars. Is it possibly we have a few less? Yes it is. Is it possible we have a few more than 35? Yes it is. If all things go well, we could hit the 40 car mark.

$15 gets you in the grandstands, it’s free if your 12 and under. $35 to get into the pits, $15 for kids 4-12 years old, 3 and under are free. Gates open at 3pm, hot laps are at 5pm, racing starts at 6pm.


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Beautiful. Sunny. 63. A little Moisture in the track. Should be some amazing racing!!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁

My guess on sprints will be 30....

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1 hour ago

Jacksonville Speedway

Lets Try Facebook instead #OneMoreTimeJax #HighbankHeroes ...


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I like this



Nice I love Jacksonville I did no you was running

Cheering for Fast Eddie!

How did hot laps go for the legend drivers?


Hi joyce


thank you guys much love


Will this be all night?

Aaron: are you at the track?

How did Tony Merrick do during hot laps?



🏁🏁🏁 RACE Congrats Tommy~

Whats the running order??


Thanks for the share!

Woo Hoo!!!

Will the A mains be available?

I am interested in the next race ;)

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Bear with us, folks. We’re working to get our YouTube live stream up and going. ...

2 hours ago

Jacksonville Speedway

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League Heat Race Lineups at Jacksonville Speedway ...


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Are you doing live feed tonight??

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Join us tomorrow night after the races for the talented singing of Matheaw Pratt ...

Join us tomorrow night after the races for the talented singing of Matheaw Pratt


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He is pretty good

Are there any extra passed available? I need two.

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Drivers: We are needing volunteers to sell 50/50 tickets tomorrow evening. Proceeds go to the Drivers Points Fund. Please PM for more info if you have family that would be willing to help. Thanks! ...

4 hours ago

Tri-City Speedway

Hardware is here ready for $3,000 & $4,000 B Mod Bash ...

Hardware is here ready for $3,000 & $4,000 B Mod Bash

7 hours ago

Tri-City Speedway

Tri City is racing!!!!
Pits are opened
Hot laps 6:30
Racing 7:15


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Do we need be there by a certain time for tech?

Tech opened at 1:00 each day. When you arrive go right to tech it's located on the back stretch by the big billboards.

too bad i broke the car last night in practice.. hopefully have it fixed in the morning and make it out tomorrow night

Is there a ppv for this?

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23 hours ago

Spoon River Speedway

E-Mods and Hornets don't forget to go through pre tech tomorrow night along the mine tires outside of turns 1 and 2 once checked in. Everyone needs to have gone through by the drivers meeting at 6:45 so allow your time for this. ...


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we scale when we teach?

Before you time

Chris Hawkins

What are you checking? 🙄☺

Michael Fink

Kayla Mackey

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If you plan on attending the awards banquet on Friday Nov 9th at the VFW in Canton we need your money and list of names attending by Oct 27th to attend. ...


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Dustin Branch Rabon Wyatt

Jack Marion

Michael Fink

Nathan Lowder

How much is it. Per person

When is it?

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Saturday nights Monster Mash-a-Mania purse will be based on car count as of 5:30 Saturday night in each division ...


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Kinda got the raw end of the deal with tri city rescheduling there big b mod race to this weekend

Any idea of car count so far in both classes

There will be enough cars either way

Can we show up Saturday and tag the tail of the B main or do we have to be there both days?

How many hornets are needed for full payput

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3 days ago

Farmer City Raceway

$1,600 purse Wicked Cushion Showdown is LIVE now from Team VLR at the Dirt Track at Charlotte! ...

Saturday, Oct 20
Farmer City Fairgrounds ~ Expo Building

▪️ Doors open at 5:00p
▪️ Cash bar
▪️ Dinner at 6:00p {pulled pork, chili + sides ~ from TWO REDS BBQ}
▪️ Awards at 7:00p

🔻 DJ
🔻 Bon Fire 🔥

Thank you for supporting our 2018 season! 🏁


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Nick Miller

Is it the top 10 in all classes but hornet and B mods which top 5 are awarded, like last year? And thank YOU for having us all this year. Absolutely love what y'all do!

Cost for dinner ?

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Demo Derby - Saturday, November 10th @ 3 pm. Rules: www.fayettecospeedway.com ...

Demo Derby - Saturday, November 10th @ 3 pm. Rules: www.fayettecospeedway.com


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Tucker Heiman

Ryan Cadle

Zeth Marke

Austin Huelsmannn

Matt Jade Mackey

Nichole Lambert

Oh yes we are going

Robert Carroll

Trent Yokley

Like it

Sean King

Hot chocolate

Seth Strotheide

Jody Braden

If your driving do you have to pay another fee to ride with someone as well?

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5 days ago

Quincy Raceways

Sat Oct 20th will be our Night of Destruction! Come out and enjoy a fun event! ...

Sat Oct 20th will be our Night of Destruction! Come out and enjoy a fun event!


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Lea Raymond me u ava and jimmy can go to this for ur birthday and kya

Kya Evatt wanna go

Brandon Boden are u racing anything in this? Plzzzzzx let me know!

Matt Jade Mackey

Kristopher Seiz

Robert Carroll

Maytag Irmc

Joey Claeys

Jay Abernathy

William David Mcdorman III

Jamie Smith

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5 days ago

Quincy Raceways



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10 dollars for all classes except full size weld figure 8 and full size demo($20 for them to classes) 10 dollar rider fee

How much to drive in the rally

Eat shit kyle


Pit passes $20

Tiffany BriAnne

JR White

Ted Schisler

Justin Layne

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5 days ago

Quincy Raceways

We want to Thank everyone for coming out last night for our 1st Annual Mud Bog & Party! We know it was cold, but we had a blast! ...


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We had a blast my son got so excited when he got to dirt drag his 4 wheeler couple times although bummed out was ready for some tug o war

U should have something like this in the summer

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www.stlracing.com/2018/10/14/seavey-seals-the-deal-in-14th-annual-meents-memorial/ ...


UPDATE: By now most of you should have received an email from Pay Pal regarding your refund for any reserved seating or camping for the cancelled Sprint Mania event. If you DID NOT receive and email, please check your Pay Pal account or you may have an old non active account, which in case you may need to contact Pay Pal directly. Fairbury American Legion Speedway CANNOT refund your reservations...it must be done from Pay Pal. If you are still having problems, please contact us at fairburyfair@gmail.com or contact (815)848-2804. Thanks everyone! ...


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Got the money in my account. Thanks

Mine wrk’d very smoothly!! Thank you!! Check your PayPal account Shane Lampley...

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we will b running the Fayette co speedway in 2019. One thing that will b new this year is the team cars r going to make a come back.this is one of the funniest classes there is And two people can help split the cost. Which makes it a cheap class .we r going to keep it simple.street tires 500 dollar claim on engine we will also have claim on carb.we want this class cheap.driver has steering and brake rider has gas.. Let's have some fun. Please share charlie ...


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Funnest class ever!

Tommy Gaither let’s go!!

Is this for racing or demo derby?

Cole Rhodes

Michael Verdun me and you let’s do it

Heather Mitchell it's time!!!!😍😍

I sure hope you are going to have UMP rules for the B mods it's not right when the four bar cars can run with the B mods let them run with the A mods

When something goes south on the track you get to see twice the fighting action!

Thank you Charlie Depew I well be there one the fun class making come back

I'm game let's build

Robbin Sapp

Nathan File

They used to have this at Paducah to

Keith Harre and Tyler Danger Blankenship, does this remind you of your younger days😂

Jimmy Graham finally!!!

Austin Keck

TJ White

Seth Gooden we should build a car to do this 😂😂

What’s the rules? What kind of cars?

Tommy Bruce Devin Mclean Kyle Mcmahon lets sell the latemodels and buy some!

Brett Harrison u ready let’s go

Justin Gregory

Blade Schehl you down

Austin Lewis let’s team drive buddy .... Kyle Ruholl this would be fun lol

Loren Dickirson

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1 week ago

Fairbury American Legion Speedway

Big news for Bobby Pierce!ANNOUNCEMENT.... ...

Big news for Bobby Pierce!


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Thanks Jeff Hoker!

Yea !!!!!!!

Jeff you are the man!


Matt Barb Prodehl

Michael Czlapinski Reggie Smith my heart is content.

Better get them a hauler lol


Big deal

We all knew it.


Winning and grinnin

Awesome!!!Great news!!!Hope Bobby will run the Hell Tour next year along with all of the major dirt track late model special events.

Jason Sissom

Awesome news!!!

Awesome news!

There it is!!! 👏👏👏👏

Way to go Bobby!!! Great to hear !!!

Glad to here

Welcome Back Bro 🏁👍👌🏁

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