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Ken Schrader takes UMP Modified victory at I-55 Raceway!


Pevely, MO (July 7, 2007) Kenny Schrader returned to I-55 Raceway for the third time with his U.M.P. Modified and picked up his second feature win. Schrader won his qualifying heat race but the slipped back during the dash and ended up starting the feature event from the fifth position. He immediately began his charge toward the front once the green flag fell and moved past early race leader Bobby Martintoni on lap nine. Schrader would lead the rest of the way to pick up the victory. Martintoni would have his hands full with Paul Bauman as the two battled for the second position the final five laps, but Martintoni would hold on. Mark Miner would cross the line in fourth behind Bauman and Scott Weber completed the top five.

The main event got off to a rough start as eight cars got together down the front stretch sending them crashing into the inside retaining wall going into turn one. Five cars were too damaged to continue including the point leader at I-55 Raceway in the UMP Modified division Bobby Bittle.

U.M.P. Modifieds – 33 Entries
Heat 1:
1. 9 Ken Schrader
2. 7M Mark Miner
3. C4 Chris Soutiea
4. 40 Eric Edgar

Heat 2:
1. 21 Dennis Richards
2. 7Z Matt Zimmerly
3. 24B Paul Bauman
4. 8X James Reed

Heat 3:
1. 48 Bobby Martintoni
2. 1W Ray Walsh
3. 4J Scott Weber
4. 1F Mike Francis

Heat 4:
1. 88 Joe Puricelli
2. C6 Ray Wagner
3. 18 Brent Thompson
4. 1D Dean Hoffman

1. 1W Ray Walsh
2. 48 Bobby Martintoni
3. 7M Mark Miner
4. 24B Paul Bauman

1. 14 Billy Smith
2. 67 Dylan Sharp
3. 3D Lou Driemeier
4. 11 Derek Shipman
5. 7S Ronnie Chance
6. 46 Dave Wibbenmeyer
7. 25 Brett Korves
8. 72 Jeremy Roth
9. 5W Ralph Wiltrout
10. 99 Robbie Helms
11. 377 Casey Pearson
DNS. C13 Chad Heady
DNS. 21P Adam Parmeley
DNS. 24H Mike Harrison
DNS. 2F Todd Ferber

1. 9 Ken Schrader
2. 48 Bobby Martintoni
3. 24B Paul Bauman
4. 7M Mark Miner
5. 4J Scott Weber
6. 1W Ray Walsh
7. C6 Ray Wagner
8. 21 Dennis Richards
9. C4 Chris Soutiea
10. 67 Dylan Sharp
11. 14 Billy Smith
12. 1F Mike Francis
13. 3D Lou Driemeier
14. 25 Brett Korves (alternate)
15. 8X James Reed
16. 11 Derek Shipman
17. 7S Ronnie Chance
18. 31P Mitch Parmeley
19. 88 Joe Puricelli
20. 7Z Matt Zimmerly
21. 18 Brent Thompson
22. 40 Eric Edgar
23. 89 Bobby Bittle
24. 46 Dave Wibbenmeyer
DNS. 1D Dean Hoffman

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