Lebanon Midway Spring Fling Shorts – 4/2/11

Lebanon MidwayExcellent weather-excellent Crowd-Excellent Racing-THANKS to all who come out and watched or raced.

FactoryStocks 20 laps
1-James Flood
2-Bob Gustin
3-Tyson Troutman
4-Tim Petty
5-Dexter Frost
OUTSTANDING way to start the season-Jason Russell takes the early lead with Gustin and Flood close by.Behind was a solid pack racing for fourth place.
On lap 10-first caution waved for Brad Gideon’s spin.On the double-file restart Flood was making the middle lane work as Russell looked strong.Flood got around Gustin and ran side by side with Russell taking the lead on lap 14 while Troutman,Petty,Brian Webster,Frost,and bobby Ratterree were battling.The side by side battle ended on lap 17 when Russell fell off the pace and out of the race.Flood would hold off Gustin to take the win with an excellent battle behind for positions-Dexter Frost after starting deep moved forward as did Webster until Webster got low on the las lap after getting to 4th place after starting 13th tonight.

1-Kory Barker
2-Kolt Barker
3-Shorty Doublin
4-Elijah Keepper
5-Danny Caffey
A great finish but alot of action-pole setter Kolt barker and 3 others went 4 wide on the start only to see the yellow wave.Barker with a flat went to the pits and started tailback.
2010 champion korey Barker took the opening lead with Shorty Doublin following closely as they pulled away-while Keepper,Robert doublin,Caffey battled.On lap 6 Doublin took the lead as the race went caution free and was pulling away from Barker as Kolt Barker was coming fast.Doublin’s luck went from good to bad while leading on lap 13 as the right rear tire started to go flat allowing Barker to take the lead-Doublin would roll the tire off the rim on the final lap still finishing 3rd in an action packed event.

1-JC Morton
2-Michael Stake
3-Scotty Drake
4-Shawn Strong
5-Kris Jackson
A semi-rough night as the aaron’s modifieds had plenty of bumper to bumper action.Strong grabbed the early lead with Morton and Stake battling.Lap 2 morton moved to the front as veteran Scotty Drake moved into third.Morton and Strong battled while Drake,Stake battled.A few cautions and finally the long green runs started happening as the top 4 pulled away.Morton would find Stake closing quickly along with Drake and Strong.On lap 16,Stake moved into second place and begin to pressure Morton while Strong and Drake battled.Kris Jackson and JC Newell went back and forth.Up front Morton withstood Stake’s charges to grab the win as 13 of the 19 starters finished on the lead lap.

1-Jason Russell
2-Jody Tillman
3-Jamie Ragland
4-Tyler Brown
5-JC Morton
Jason Russell grabbed the early lead as Tyler Brown and Justin Neuman went back and forth.Springfield Turkey Classic winner Jody Tillman played a patient game and by lap 8 moved into second place.Tillman slowed closed up the lead on a fast moving Russell while Brown,Neuman,Morton and Ragland battled.Tillman reeled in on Russell ans by lap 16 caught the leader.On lap 17,Tillman went in turn 4 alittle hard and lost some Ground as Russell grabbed the win.

Midwest Modz
1-Trevor Drake
2-Bobby gough
3-Rich Reynolds
4-Earl Muilenburg
5-Lil JC Newell
Bobby gough got a great jump over front row starters Drake and Newell and started pulling away from the young guns.On lap 5,the yellow waved as Timmy Ballinger Jr spun bunching the field up.Gough shot ahead on the restart with Drake starting to close-in.On lap 8-Drake took the lead and pulled away as the real race was for third.Rich Reynolds,Muilenburg,Newell went back and forth until the late stages as Reynolds secured a solid third place and Veteran Muilenburg moving into 4th.

1-Joe Francis
2-Mark Simon
3-Zack Zuigen
4-Monk Barker
5-Ted Ballinger
A wild start as Simon and Zuigen made contact early letting Francis and Barker to move quickly.Simon would take back the lead on lap 2 and 3 deep action was the pattern tonight.On lap 4,Francis too kthe lead on a 3 deep move and drove away as Simon went to the rear after a small bobble and rcoverd for second place.
Next week the Points chase begins with Aaron’s Modifieds-Central Bank FactoryStocks-Rocky ridge Construction Midwest Modz-Energy Company Purestocks-and Transport Graphice StreeStocks with Racing at 8PM