Snyder earns $1,000 in cold cash for IMCA Modified Frostbuster win at Boone

IMCABOONE, Iowa (April 2) – Other than the temperature, Jon Snyder couldn’t have asked for a better start to his 2011 race season

Snyder took the top line and led from start to finish in winning Saturday’s aptly titled Frostbuster feature for IMCA Modifieds at Boone Speedway. The 25-lap victory paid $1,000 and put Snyder on the ballot for this September’s Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.

Nearly 200 cars passed through the pits for the season-opening special, with the 75 Modified en­tries coming from five states, one from as far away as Oregon, and Canada. Three travelers from north of the border started the Modified main event.

Todd Inman headed the pursuit of Snyder before giving way to Jimmy Gustin following a restart. The de­fending IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals champion joined Snyder in pulling away from the pack, but couldn’t reel in the leader.

Inman ended in third, with “B” qualifiers Richie Gustin and Jeremy Mills completing the top five.

Other winners were Donavon Smith in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, John Watson in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks and Doug Smith in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods.

Quick to take charge at the track where he’s had so much regular season and Super Nationals success, Donavon Smith collected the Stock Car checkers ahead of Trent Murphy, John Heinz, Nor­man Chesmore and Ryan Rose.

Watson was chased across the finish line by Devin Smith in a duel between two GM 602 crate motor-powered Hobby Stocks. Cody Nielson, Eric Stanton and Michael Murphy followed.

Doug Smith passed Clint Luellen and drove to the Northern SportMod win. The rest of the top five included Austin Lucas, Scott Davis and Eric Mahlik.

The first night for local track points at Boone is Saturday, April 9.

Feature Results

Modifieds –1. Jon Snyder, Ames; 2. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Todd Inman, Runnells; 4. Richie Gustin, Gilman; 5. Jeremy Mills, Garner; 6. Mike Mashl, DePere, Wis.; 7. Ron Barker, Dubu­que; 8. Joey Galloway, Manor, Sask.; 9. Brian Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 10. Russ Dickerson, Boone; 11. Mike Molle, Glidden; 12. Mark Elliott, Webster City; 13. Justin Sackett, Moville; 14. Davin Emmel, Estevan, Sask.; 15. Clint Wendel, Mason City; 16. Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 17. Jeff Nielsen, Pocahontas; 18. Mitchell Morris, Eldridge; 19. Dennis Pittman, Jamaica; 20. Mike Al­bertsen, Audubon; 21. Cale Sponsler, Grimes; 22. Kyle Lentz, Green Bay, Wis.; 23. Austin Wolf, Algona; 24. Ed Turnbull, Estevan, Sask.

Heat winners were Wendel, Inman, Barker, Nielsen, Snyder, Pittman, Jimmy Gustin and Al­bertsen. “B” feature winners were Richie Gustin, Mashl, Emmel and Lauritzen.

Stock Cars – 1. Donavon Smith, Lake City; 2. Trent Murphy, Jeffeson; 3. John Heinz, Green Bay, Wis.; 4. Norman Chesmore, Rowley; 5. Ryan Rose, Boone; 6. Wayne Gifford, Boone; 7. David Smith, Lake City; 8. Bryan Snell, Coon Rapids; 9. Gary Bass, Des Moines; 10. Jerry Gifford, Boone; 11. Jeff Harkrider, Carroll; 12. Alan Van Gorp, Des Moines; 13. Rod Richards, Madrid; 14. Rob­ert Stofer, Jefferson; 15. Terry Cornelison, Boone; 16. Jason York, Boone; 17. Aaron Cain, Sioux City; 18. Ty Hill, Dallas Center; 19. Ned Kalis, Wells, Minn.; 20. Jay Schmidt, Tama; 21. Cory Bushnell, Madrid; 22. Stefan Sybesma, Sanborn; 23. Bob Andreasen, Cedar Rapids; 24. Don Vis, Marshalltown.

Heat winners were Schmidt, Gifford, Murphy and Chesmore. Stofer won the “B” feature.

Hobby Stocks – 1. John Watson, Des Moines; 2. Devin Smith, Lake City; 3. Cody Nielson, Fort Dodge; 4. Eric Stanton, Hartford; 5. Michael Murphy, Jefferson; 6. Randy Embrey, Granger; 7. Tyler Pickett, Boxholm; 8. Tony Cox, Boone; 9. Brandon Pruitt, Dexter; 10. Jason Kohl, Missouri Valley; 11. Cory Adams, Des Moines; 12. Richard Yaw II, Pleasant Hill; 13. Blake Miller, Des Moines; 14. Brad Ratcliff, Webster City; 15. Nyle Godwin, Redfield; 16. Chris Hupp, Boone; 17. Darin Rothfus, Woodward; 18. Brandon Brinton, Nevada; 19. Curt Reed, Des Moines; 20. Scott Lograsso, Nevada; 21. Mike Smith, Fort Dodge; 22. Vince Buchholz, Cedar Falls; 23. Donald Gus­toff, Scranton; 24. Matt McDonald, Scranton.

Heat winners were Lograsso, Kohl, Smith and Nielson. “B” feature winners were Murphy and Yaw.

Northern SportMods – 1. Doug Smith, Lake City; 2. Clinton Luellen, Minburn; 3. Austin Lucas, Cedar Rapids; 4. Scott Davis, Boone; 5. Eric Mahlik, Green Bay, Wis.; 6. Brian Miller, Grand Junc­tion; 7. Eric Elliott, Boone; 8. Brad Theys, Kewaunee, Wis.; 9. Jacob Strayer, Newton; 10. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls, Wis.; 11. Mike Pruitt, Redfield; 12. Geoff Olson, Ames; 13. J.J. Ander­sen, Pulaski, Wis.; 14. Cory Rose, Boone; 15. Brett Lowry, Kellogg; 16. Joel Rust, Grundy Center; 17. Bruce Egeland, Marshall, Minn.; 18. Tyler Olson, Sioux City; 19. Jared Hansen, Audu­bon; 20. Ben Wilson, Nevada; 21. Darren Huntley, Ogden; 22. Jeremy Embrey, Granger; 23. Lynn Brockett, Ogden; 24. Cody Hennings, Boone.

Heat winners were Davis, Strayer, Lucas, Luellen, Mahlik and Rust. “B” feature winners were Em­brey and Rose.