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Randy Korte, Dean Hoffman, John Schrand, Jeff Buss & Trevor Isaak take wins at Belle-Clair Speedway!


Belleville, IL (April 8th, 2011) Mother Nature smiled on Belle-Clair Speedway with a beautiful warm day and the fans responded with a huge turnout to watch the fast and furious action on the tight one-fifth mile dirt oval. The fans wouldn’t leave disappointed as all five divisions provided spectacular, heart stopping side-by-side racing along with two and three car battles for the win in all the divisions.

Randy Korte of Highland, Illinois recorded his first win since he was sidelined for a year and half with back problems in the UMP DIRTcar Late Model division. In what may of been one of the most exciting late model feature events ever at Belle-Clair Speedway, Korte would only lead the final five of the thirty lap Amp Energy 30 feature event. Aaron Kleine and Mark Voigt started on the front row and the two raced side-by-side until they reached lap traffic on lap eight. Kleine, using the low side, would get through the lapped cars while Voigt had some trouble with lapped cars on the high side. Michael Kloos would move past Voigt into the second spot a lap later and then Voigt would suffer mechanical problems and pull on the infield. Kloos would slip by Kleine on lap eleven only to have the caution come out and give Kleine the lead back. On the restart, Kleine would prove to be tough as he used the low side to hold Kloos off. With Korte now running third, Kloos and Korte both went to the high side to work on Kleine for the lead. Kloos and Korte would clear Kleine for the lead and Kloos would go back to the low side while Korte challenged him by using the high side. The two ripped through lapped traffic passing the lapped cars high and low and going three and four wide. Korte would bang the outside walls down the straight-aways as he finally got through the lapped traffic ahead of Kloos. A late race caution would put Kloos right on Korte’s rear bumper with four laps to go, but Korte would prove to be to strong and hang on for the win. Kloos would finish second with Kleine third. D.J. Cygan would bring home the fourth spot while Mike Hammerle rounded out the top five.

The UMP DIRTcar Modified action would prove to be just as exciting as Bobby Bittle, Tim Hancock and Dean Hoffman put on a spectacular battle for the lead. Bittle jumped out to the early lead with Hancock and Hoffman right on his trail. Bittle started off on the high side holding off Hancock as they raced around the top. As Hoffman showed his nose on the low side, Bittle went to the bottom to protect that line. A few laps later, Hancock would move up on the outside of Bittle for the lead. This caused Bittle to move back to the high side to try and hold off Hancock. That would allow Hoffman to use the low side to move past both of them and into the lead. Just a couple of laps later, disaster would strike for Bittle and Hancock. Bittle’s throttle would stick going down the front stretch causing him to slam into the turn one wall with the right side of his car. Hancock would have no where to go and would run into the back of Bittle’s car. The two cars would be hung up, but once the tow trucks got them separated, Hancock was able to restart and was given the second spot back on the restart. Bittle’s night would end with the incident. On the restart, Hoffman continued to use the low while Hancock used the big cushion up on the high side. However, Hancock’s night would come to an end just a few laps later as a big puff of smoke came from under the hood along with a trail of oil and water on the track. On the final restart, Hoffman would pull away for the win. Aaron Kleine would take the second spot with Paul Reinneck claiming third. Zeb Moake would finish fourth with Jeremy Thoele completing the top five.

John Schrand got front in the UMP DIRTcar/AARA Sportsman main event and held on for dear life as Ryan Gegg and Mark Schaefer battled him for the lead. Gegg would apply the early pressure but it would be Schaefer challenging Schrand in the closing laps. Gegg and Schaefer would have quiet the battle themselves for the second spot. The two banged fenders lap after lap as they raced side by side. Schaefer would finally clear Gegg for the second spot with four laps remaining and moved right in on the rear bumper of Schrand to battle for the lead. Schrand would hold tough on the low side and keep the hard charging Schaefer at bay to earn the win. Schaefer would get second with Gegg third. Jim Clark would finish fourth while Denny Tribout took fifth.

Jeff Buss would claim his first career feature win in the UMP DIRTcar/AARA Pure Stock division. Another three-car battle for the top spot would take place for most all of the twelve lap main event. Buss along with Jake Hewitt and Randy Dietzel fought lap after lap for the top spot. Buss would hold them off to get the win while Hewitt crossed the line in second and Dietzel third. Brian Bunfill would get fourth while Ron Weidler finished fifth.

Trevor Isaak, Jordan Suhre and Ryan Emig also had a great three car battle for the top spot in the UMP DIRTcar/AARA Pro 4 Stock division. The three locked into the battle for the entire twelve lap main event with Isaak coming out on top. Suhre would get second and Emig third. Dave Racer made a late race push to get to fourth while James Southers completed the top five.

April 8th, 2011

Randy Korte

Randy Korte

UMP DIRTcar Late Models
Heat 1:
1. D.J. Cygan
2. Michael Kloos
3. Frankie Martin
4. Dewayne Kiefer
5. Andrew Johns
6. Dan Dondero
7. Dave Thornton
8. Dick Taylor


Heat 2:
1. Mark Voigt
2. Mike Schulte
3. Mike Hammerle
4. Jim Gibson
5. Bobby Dauderman
6. Don Klein
7. Mike Harris

Heat 3:
1. Aaron Kleine
2. Randy Korte
3. Tim Ratajczyk
4. Bob Brown
5. Rodney Standerfer
6. Vince Grondzki
7. C.J. Simpson

1. Aaron Kleine
2. Mark Voigt
3. Michael Kloos
4. D.J. Cygan
5. Mike Schulte
6. Randy Korte

1. Randy Korte
2. Michael Kloos
3. Aaron Kleine
4. D.J. Cygan
5. Mike Hammerle
6. Tim Ratajczyk
7. Dave Thornton
8. Frankie Martin
9. Dewayne Kiefer
10. Mike Schulte
11. Dan Dondero
12. Bob Brown
13. Mike Harris
14. Bobby Dauderman
15. Andrew Johns
16. Jim Gibson
17. Don Klein
18. Rodney Standerfer
19. Mark Voigt
20. Vince Grondzki

Dean Hoffman

Dean Hoffman

UMP DIRTcar Modifieds
Heat 1:
1. Brian Bielong
2. Aaron Kleine
3. Dean Hoffman
4. Steve Lach
5. Jeremy Thoele
6. Paul Reinneck
7. Brad Venhaus
8. Bobby Johnson
9. Brendan Bittle

Heat 2:
1. Bobby Bittle
2. Tim Hancock
3. Zeb Moake
4. Brett Cygan
5. Brett Korves
6. Dave Seger
7. Tyler Diebert
8. Shane Wilson
9. Tim Fohne

1. Bobby Bittle
2. Aaron Kleine
3. Tim Hancock
4. Brian Bielong
5. Dean Hoffman
6. Zeb Moake

1. Dean Hoffman
2. Aaron Kleine
3. Paul Reinneck
4. Zeb Moake
5. Jeremy Thoele
6. Brett Cygan
7. Brett Korves
8. Dave Seger
9. Bobby Johnson
10. Tyler Diebert
11. Brad Venhaus
12. Shane Wilson
13. Tim Hancock
14. Bobby Bittle
15. Tim Fohne
16. Brendan Bittle
17. Steve Lach
18. Brian Bielong

John Schrand

John Schrand

UMP DIRTcar/AARA Sportsman
Heat 1:
1. Robbie Eilers
2. C.J. Simpson
3. Jon Ripperda
4. Jim Clark
5. Denny Tribout
6. Brian Shubirg
DNS.  Mark Pflueger

Heat 2:
1. John Schrand
2. Ryan Gegg
3. Mark Schaefer
4. Joe Volluz
5. Stu Springer
6. Brian Eaves
7. Lenny Garson

1. John Schrand
2. Mark Schaefer
3. Ryan Gegg
4. Jim Clark
5. Denny Tribout
6. Stu Springer
7. Brian Eaves
8. C.J. Simpson
9. Robbie Eilers
10. Joe Volluz
11. Jon Ripperda
12. Lenny Garson
13. Brian Shubirg
DNS.  Mark Pflueger

Jeff Buss

Jeff Buss

UMP DIRTcar/AARA Pure Stocks
Heat 1:
1. Jake Hewitt
2. Randy Dietzel
3. Ron Weidler
4. Bryan Barker
5. T.J. Eilers
6. Brian Crawford
7. Dustin McClintock
8. Matt Meier
9. Tom Isler

Heat 2:
1. Jeff Buss
2. Brian Bunfill
3. Jim Rowney
4. Tyler Ratajczyk
5. Zach Hoffman
6. David Kuehn
7. Amber Casey
8. Dawn Rheinecker
9. Nick Collette

1. Jeff Buss
2. Jake Hewitt
3. Randy Dietzel
4. Brian Bunfill
5. Ron Weidler
6. Jim Rowney
7. Tyler Ratajczyk
8. Brian Crawford
9. Bryan Barker
10. Zach Hoffman
11. Matt Meier
12. David Kuehn
13. T.J. Eilers
14. Tom Isler
15. Dustin McClintock
16. Amber Casey
DNS. 7D Dawn Rheinecker
DNS. 262 Nick Collete

Trevor Isaak

Trevor Isaak

UMP DIRTcar/AARA Pro 4 Stocks
Heat 1:
1. Mark Crady
2. Jordan Suhre
3. Derek Reeves
4. Scott Wickliffe
5. Sean Boyce
6. John Jones
7. Billy Lapaglia

Heat 2:
1. Trevor Isaak
2. Ryan Emig
3. James Southers
4. Sage Thornhill
5. Avery Branson
6. Kyle Foutch

Heat 3:
1. Joe Merritt
2. Dave Racer
3. Brent Weaver
4. Travis Bittle
5. Chuck Johnson
6. Jimmie Johnson

1. Trevor Isaak
2. Jordan Suhre
3. Ryan Emig
4. Dave Racer
5. James Southers
6. Joe Merritt
7. Mark Crady
8. Scott Wickliffe
9. Sage Thornhill
10. Travis Bittle
11. Avery Branson
12. Chuck Johnson
13. Derek Reeves
14. Jimmie Johnson
15. John Jones
16. Brent Weaver
17. Sean Boyce
DNS. Billy Lapaglia
DNS. Kyle Foutch

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