Strong Goes From Worst To First In Lebanon Midway Aaron’s Modified Main

Lebanon MidwayLebanon,Mo.-The Chase for the 2011 Championship went into full swing Friday Night at the LebanonMidwaySpeedway with outstanding racing action all night long with Shawn Strong topping the headline feature after recovering from an opening lap spin to take the checkered flag in the Aaron’s Modified feature event.

The Aaron’s Modified feature rolled out with 15 cars taking the Green flag with defending Midway Champion Michael Stake jumping into the opening lead with Lebanon’s Kris Jackson,Strong,and Tommy McBride,JC Newell and Ted Ballinger all going side by side.Strong went to the bottom of the track trying to get around Stake along with Jackson.Strong slide up the track as the car came to a halt bringing out the yellow as he went to the rear.With Stake bringing the field down to the green on the double-file restart,Stake shot to the front with Jackson right on his side as JC Newell moved into third as a fast moving and Spring Fling winner JC Morton was charging from 12th starting spot.Stake and Jackson went side by side.Jackson was making a bid for the lead on lap 5 when the car went around a full 360 spin in turn 2 ending his night and bid for the win.With Stake leading JC Morton and JC Newell were racing for second as Morton started reeling in leader Stake as Strong was coming quickly through the field.On lap 9 the yellow waved as Lonnie Henderson’s strong run ended with problems bunching up the field again.Stake brought the field again to the Green with Strong working the middle groove as Stake rode the top lane.On lap 12,Strong took the lead as Morton also followed around Stake.Strong and Morton battled for the lead with early leader Stake gaining back on the top duo.Caution waved on lap 14 as Robert Staats spun around ending his strong run for the night.The final laps would see Strong pull away to take the victory with Stake moving back around Morton to take second with Morton,Newell and Tommy Mcbride completing the top 5.

The Central Bank FactoryStock feature saw James Flood grab the opening lead over Bob Gustin and defending Midway Champion Tyson Troutman as pole setter Bobby Ratterree fell off the pace.Flood had pulled away leaving Gustin and Troutman to battle for second as Sundance Keepper came charging from his 8th starting spot.On lap 4,Keepper moved into third and applied pressure to Gustin for second place as Flood had checked out.Gustin’s strong run ended on lap 7 as he rode high in turn 3 and caught the wall ending his night with damage.On the double-file restart,Keepper had his sights set on leader Flood,but fell off the pace with motor problems.Flood pulled away to grab the win with Troutman,a fast moving Brad Gideon,Josh Franklin and Mark Davis completing the top 5.

The Energy Company PureStock feature saw Doug Phelps take the opening lead from his outside front row spot with 2010 Midway Champion Kory Barker hot on his heels.Barker was able to get around Phelps as the field took lap 1 as Phelps would find Matt Yound,Kolt Barker and Robert Doublin following.barker started pulling away as Phelps had his hands full with Young and Barker as Monk Barker moved to join the pack.The only caution waved on lap 9 as Young and Kolt Barker made contact while battling for third place as both drivers went to the back of the pack.With Kory Barker setting a quick pace,Monk Barker moved into second spot on the restart as Elijah Keepper found the top groove to his liking as he moved around Robert Doublin.From there Kory Barker held oof challanges from Monk Barker to take the win with M Barker,Phelps,Keepper and Robert Doublin following as side by side action was the norm in the middle of the pack tonight.

The Rocky Ridge Construction Midwest Modz saw Sam Petty jump to theearly lead with Rich Reynolds close behind.Caution waved after lap 1 as Earl Muilenburg came to a halt in turn three and former PureStock Champion Les Hayes also halted with problems.On the restart,Petty pulled away for a couple of laps as defending champion lil JC Newell moved into the second place spot and started reeling in Petty.Reynolds and Joplin’s Bobby Gough were racing for third place as Newell kept trying the inside of leader Petty.Side by side went the race for first with Petty keeping the middle groove as Newell finally went top side and grabbed the lead on lap 8.Once in front Newell pulled away leaving the race for second position between Petty,Reynolds and Gough.On lap 12,Reynolds moved around Petty to secure second place and slowly began his charge to the lead as Gough was following.Newell rode the top lane to his first win of the season with a fast moving Reynolds,Gough,Petty and Bill Joiner rounding out the top 5.

The Transport Graphics StreetStocks rolled out to provide an excellent feature event as pole setter Brandon Waters grabbed the opening lead with 3 wide and wild action behind with Trevor Ellingson moving quickly into second follwed by Mark Simon,Andrew Cheever and Keith Cheever.After 1 lap complete caution waved for sheet metal as the field bunched-up.Waters jumped to the lead again with Mark Simon moving top side only to see the caution waved as Andrew Cheever came to a halt on the frontstretch ending his night.Simon would take the lead around Waters as 2010 Midway Champion Joe Francis made a strong run to the low side following the leader.For the next 8 laps,Simon and Francis battled back and forth as Simon was stronger coming off the top groove in turns 2and 4 as Francis was trying the low side lap after lap with Waters battling brother Billy for third place.On lap 12 caution waved for Keith Cheever as he spun in turn 4.On the final restart,Simon brought the field smoothly into the corners and shot again as Francis looked for a faster line around.Brandon Waters found the top groove and was gaining quickly as Ellingson and Billy Waters battled for spots.Francis tried 1 last time to get inside of Simon on the white flag lap,but Simon wouldn’t give up as he took the win with Francis,Brandon Waters,Ellingson and Billy Waters completing the top 5.

The 2011 chase for the championship continues next Friday night with action in the Aaron’s Modifieds,Central Bank FactoryStocks,Transport Graphice StreetStocks,Energy Company PureStocks and Rocky Ridge Construction Midwest Modz with hotlaps at 7:05 and Racing at 8PM.For more information visit the website at WWW.LebanonMidwaySpeedway.Com or contact Jack Jones at 417-594-0594


Aaron’s Modifieds

A Ft-1)Shawn Strong-Republic 2)Michael Stake-Phillipsburg 3)JC Morton-Springfield 4)JC Newell-Decaturville 5)Tommy McBride-Lebanon 6)Ted Ballinger-Halfway 7)Bill Schaar-St Roberts 8)Derek Cook-Lebanon 9)Tony Moore-Lebanon 10)Robert Staats-Ft Leonard Wood 11)Lonnie Henderson-Lebanon 12)Greg Strong-Nixa 13)Ryan Edde-Urbana 14)Bobby Gough-Joplin 15)Kris Jackson-Lebanon

1st Ht-1)Strong 2)Stake 3)Cook 4)Newell 5)Schaar 6)Gough 7)Henderson 8)Morton

2nd Ht-1)Jackson 2)McBride 3)Ballinger 4)Edde 5)Staats 6)Moore 7)Strong

Central Bank Factory Stocks

A Ft-1)James Flood-Billings 2)Tyson Troutman-Houston 3)Brad Gideon-Nixa 4)Josh Franklin-Camdenton 5)Mark Davis-Grovesprings 6)Brian Webster-Richland 7)Shawn Whitman-Strafford 8)Chris Wynn-Hartville 9)Sundance Keepper-Everton 10)Bob Gustin-Osage Beach 11)Bobby Ratterree-Mt Grove

1st Ht-1)Gideon 2)Webster 3)Ratterree 4)Franklin 5)Wynn 6)Whitman

2nd Ht-1)Gustin 2)Troutman 3)Flood 4)Keepper 5)Davis

Energy Company Pure Stocks

A Ft-1)Kory Barker-Lebanon 2)Monk Barker-Lebanon 3)Doug Phelps-Lebanon 4)Elijah Keepper-Hurley 5)Robert Doublin-Lebanon 6)Matt Young-Lebanon 7)Danny Caffey-Conway 8)Kolt Barker-Lebanon 9)Zeb Keepper-Hurley 10)Shorty Doublin-Lebanon 11)Micheal Strafford-Urbana DNS-Brandon Henderson-Lebanon

1st Ht-1)Kory Barker 2)Young 3)R Doublin 4)Caffey 5)Z. Keepper DNS-Henderson

2nd Ht-1)Phelps 2)Kolt Barker 3)M.Barker 4)E Keepper 5)Stafford DNS-S Doublin

Transport Graphic Street Stocks

A ft-1)Mark Simon-Buffalo 2)Joe Francis Lebanon 3)Brandon Waters-Lynchburg 4)Trevor Ellingson-Lebanon 5)Billy Waters-Nebo 6)Josh Lewis-Stoutland 7)Ezra Keepper-Hurley 8)Keith Cheever-Lebanon 9)Andrew Cheever-Lebanon 10)Rodney Yost-Squires

1st Ht-1)Ellingson 2)Brandon Waters 3)Yost 4)A Cheever DNS-Keepper

2nd Ht-1)Simon 2)Francis 3)K Cheever 4)Lewis 5)Billy Waters

Rocky Ridge Construction Midwest Modz

A Ft-1) JC Newell-Stoutland 2)Rich Reynolds-Halltown 3)Bobby Gough-Joplin 4)Sam Petty-Niangua 5)Bill Joiner-Lebanon 6)Ryan Hendrix-Joplin 7)Shane Bias-Springfield 8)Terry Williams-Springfield 9)Adam Lowrance-Lebanon 10)Les Hayes-Camdenton 11)Earl Muilenburg-Sparta

1st Ht-1)Bias 2)Petty 3)Lowrance 4)Hendrix 5)Williams 6)Hayes

2nd Ht-1)Newell 2)Reynolds 3)Gough 4)Muilenburg 5)Joiner