Peoria Speedway(Peoria, IL) Steve Lance, Jr. had twice the fun at Peoria Speedway Monday night, charging to victories in both the Crate and UMP Super Late Model divisions. Lance pocketed $3,000 for the two wins in the Chuck Barnes-promoted “Spring Fling”, which had been rained out Sunday night.

Lance dominated the Crate Late Model race, leading flag-to-flag in a 2-race old CJ Rayburn car. Lance used the race as a test session for the Super Late Model feature, trying out the high side while leading eventual Crate runner-up Evan Fink. Lance tested the top of the track on a night where the bottom was the preferred line and the move paid off.

14 year-old Bobby Pierce, who picked up his first career win at Peoria May 7, out-gunned Jason Feger at the start of the 40 lap UMP Super Late Model feature. Feger tried several different lines, and challenged Pierce in lapped traffic on lap 11. On lap 13, the duo split a lapped car coming out of turn 2, and tried the same manuver on John Gardner in turn 3. Pierce went to the top and Feger dove under Gardner out of turn 4, but Feger drove over the rear wheel of Gardner and his car rode on 2 wheels on top of Gardner as they crossed the start-finish line. Feger got unhooked in turn 2, and was scored in first as the caution flew for Jason Weyeneth.

On the lap 13 re-start, Lance,Jr. Made use of the double-file re-starts and drove to the outside of Feger in turn 3 and 4 to take the lead going down the backstretch. 2 more cautions could not slow Lance, Jr,, who held off Feger, Pierce, Kevin Weaver and Tim Lance for the $2,000 win. “It’s nice to have 2 good cars”, said Lance, Jr. in victory lane. “Any time you can beat Jason, that’s pretty good. He won a big race last night at Granite City, so we are happy to get 2 wins tonight.”

A season-high 129 cars stuffed the Peoria pits for the “Spring Fling”, including a stellar field of 43 UMP Modifieds.

Fairbury driver McKay Wenger led all 25 laps of the UMP Modified feature, holding off a race-long challenge from 2010 Peoria track champ Ray Bollinger and Butch Weisser. “I am so pumped up to win here!”, Wenger told the crowd after the $2,000 win. “I used to race go-karts here 8 years ago, so this is special for me to finally get a win. We have had a terrible year, so hopefully this will get us going.”

John Farris captured his second consecutive Street Stock feature event, passing Bob Simpson on lap 9 by the judges stand and holding on for the $300 check. Eric Wisher took the lead from Tommy Wisher on lap 4 of the Hornet feature, winning $300 as Shane Kelly finished 2nd.

Peoria Speedway will host the POWRi National Midget Series next Saturday, June 4. Micro Spints and UMP Modifieds will also be racing.

1. 25-Steve Lance, Jr., Cuba
2. 25F-Jason Feger, Bloomington
3. 32-Bobby Pierce, Oakwood
4. B12-Kevin Weaver, Gibson City
5. J1-Tim Lance, Brimfield
6. 94-Wes Steidinger, Fairbury
7. 10X-Scott Schmitt, Tonica
8. 75-Billy Drake, Bloomington
9. T2-Todd Bennett, Peoria
10. 32J-Jason Jaggers, Wyanet
11. 10-Roger Rebholtz, Sparland
12. 7T-Steve Thorsten, Woodworth
13. 38c-John Gardner, Peoria
14. 116-Torrin Mettille, Cullom
15. 83-Jim Carmody, Dunlap
16. 4-Mike Mullvain, Bartonville
17. 21B-Richie Bell, Sheffield
18. 7H-Joseph Hughes, Springfield
19. 83x-Nathan Balenseifen, Sheffield
20. 40-Charley Hess, Bartonville
21. 7-Jay Sparks, Metamora
22. 00-Gary Cook, Sr., Washington
23. F4-Carl Feger, Peoria
24. 73s-Scott Schoener, Flanagan

FAST TIME: Pierce 12.805
HEAT Winners: Pierce, Mullvain, Feger

1. 42-McKay Wenger, Fairbury
2. 77-Ray Bollinger, Kewanee
3. 25-Butch Weisser, Bartonville
4. 78C-Clint DeMoss, Bloomington, IN
5. 2-Eric Bruce, Norwood
6. A9-AJ May, Creve Couer
7. 72-Brian Lynn, Mason City
8. 26D-Derrick Doerr, Peoria
9. 25W-Allen Weisser, Bartonville
10. 75-Gary Turpin, Bloomington
11. 79d-John DeMoss, Bloomington, IN
12. 26J-Mark Johnson, Glasford
13. 26-J D Beal, Adair
14. 23m-Matt Gremminger, Spring Bay
15. 33-Joe Huenefeld, Freeport
16. 7L-Jay Ledford, Pontiac
17. J12-Jason Wagner, Peoria
18. D3-Matt Dillon, Peoria
19. 18x-Austin Hewitt, Sheffield
20. 6-Jason Plumer, Peoria
FAST TIME: AJ May,13.988
HEAT WINNERS: Wenger, B. Weisser, Bruce, May, Bollinger
SEMI WINNERS: Lynn, Dillon

1. 25-Steve Lance, Jr., Cuba
2. 1F-Evan Fink, Glasford
3. 20-Dustin Griffin, Quincy
4. 18-Randy Myers, Springfield
5. 9W-Jackie Willis, Morton
6. 0-Troy Overstreet, Georgetown
7. 17B-Matt Beadles, Clinton
8. 14-Ryan Blair, Edinburg
9. 33h-Roben Huffman, Clinton
10. 81-Bobby Lynn, Jacksonville
11. 28-Ron Wilson, Pekin
12. 53-Curtis Hobbs, Farmer City
13. 78-Jeff Cunningham, Peoria
14. 39-Mark Hasler, East Peoria
15. 18j-Joey Markle, Peoria
16. 26-Ryan Wilson, Lincoln
17. no7-Byron Ray, Peoria
HEAT WINNERS: Lance, Jr., Griffin

1. 90-John Farris, Peoria
2. 20-Bob Simpson, Bartonville
3. 57-Jamie Balenseifen, Sheffield
4. 49-Steve Brandt, Jr., Bartonville
5. 52-Steve Lewis, Peoria
6. 75M-Darrell Matthews, Jr., Roanoke
7. 38J-Jake Miller, Mendota
8. 3N
9. 1-Robert Cottom, Victoria
10. 22-Bobby Cowell, Jr., Peoria
11. 63p-Greg Sauder, Peoria
12. 17-Kholby Martin, Galesburg
13. 4h-Paula Harrison, Metamora
14. 46m-Keith Miller, Mendota
15. 83h-Justin Hamm, Princeton
16. 258-Virgil Nussel, Peoria (DNS)

HEAT WINNERS: Lewis, Harrison

UMP HORNETS (23 cars)
1. D30-Eric Wisher, Peoria
2. 14-Shane Kelly, Peoria
3. 1X-Rick Wagner, Tiskilwa
4. 18W-Tommy Wisher, Peoria
5. WFO- Tyler Etherton, Bartonville
6. B5-Tyler Benson, Creve Coeur
7. 77-Zac Bollinger, Kewanee
8. 106-Chris Courson, Galesburg
9. 9H-Brendon Hause, Peoria
10. 3s-David Sills
11. C7-Mike Cusack, Jr., Edwards
12. m68-Travor Coleman
13. 88b-Billy Snider, Elmwood
14. 39-Brent Terry, Peoria
15. 1-Hugh Jordan, Pekin
16. 18z-Zach Nimrick, Pekin
17. J5-Josh Nimrick, Pekin
18. K2-Jeremy Kinglsey, North Pekin

HEAT WINNERS: Kenny Butterfield, Bollinger, T. Wisher

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