Peoria Speedway(Peoria, IL) Many of the usual suspects were in victory lane Saturday night at Peoria Speedway on a hot and steamy evening in Central Illinois. 4 of the 5 divisions saw repeat winners, with only Donovan Lodge in the UMP Modifieds the only first-time winner.

Steve Lance, Jr. started 3rd, but made a move down the backstretch to pass pole-sitter John Gardner on the first lap and was never seriously challenged in the UMP Late Model division. A lap 18 caution had erased a nearly straightaway lead for Lance as Todd Bennett had given chase, but Bennett could never close the distance and had to settle for 2nd. Mike Mullvain finished 3rd, with Roger Rebholtz and 15th-starting Charley Hess completing the top 5.

“We’ve been running real good lately”, Lance, Jr. said in victory lane. “We’ve been running these Rayburn cars a long time so we’ve got lots of laps here. The car is easy to drive. I really want to thank all the fans for coming out in this heat tonight. Whether you love or hate me, I really appreciate it. You guys are hardcore fans for sure!”.

Moline driver Donovan Lodge held off a race-long challenge from Gosport, IN ace Ryan Thomas for his first win of the season at the track in the UMP Modifieds. Lodge survived 4 caution periods and repeated attacks from Thomas for the win. Thomas finished 2nd, followed by Ray Bollinger and Erik Bruce, who both experimented in the high groove. Tommy Duncan rounded out the top 5.

“It really helped to start up front of our heat and the feature tonight”, said Lodge. “There were a whole bunch of good cars here tonight, so I wanted to get to the bottom and hold my line. It feels great to get a win here.”

Jack Siegel dominated the Limited Late Model feature, leading all 15 laps over Rob Bauman, Sr., Brian Crebo, Bobby Cowell Sr., and CJ VanBeveran. Kenny Butterfield picked up his 5th win of the season at the track (his 10th overall) in the UMP Hornets.

On Independence weekend, there were fireworks early in the Street Stock division as Chuck Barnes, Jr. and Paula Harrison tangled in their heat race. Harrison spun out going into turn 3, and Barnes was sent to the rear for rough driving. Visibly unhappy with the call, Barnes climbed out of the car at the judges’ stand and voiced his displeasure to Speedway officials. At intermission, Barnes requested the microphone and went on the PA system to apologize for his actions and tirade, with Harrison at his side.

As for the Street Stock feature, John Farris went 3-wide going into turn 3 on lap 1 with Harrison and Wally Zander to take the lead and drove away for the win. Harrison, Barnes, Jr., Zander and Virgil Nussel rounded out the top 5.

Wednesday night, July 6, the UMP DirtCar Late Model “Summernationals” will return to Peoria Speedway. The 40 lap “Hell Tour” feature will pay $5,000 to-win. UMP Modifieds will race for $1,000 to-win and UMP Hornets will also be in action. Weekly UMP racing resumes at the track Saturday, July 9.





1. 25-Steve Lance, Jr., Cuba

2. T2-Todd Bennett, Peoria

3. 4-Mike Mullvain, Bartonville

4. 10-Roger Rebholtz, Sparland

5. 40-Charley Hess, Bartonville

6. 38C- John Gardner, Peoria

7. 65-Gerry Reeder, Jr., Peoria

8. 93-Kevin Paul, Colchester

9. 4G-Bob Gardner, Peoria

10.  50-Tim Fauklenberry, Mapleton

11. 16-Shane Allen, East Peoria

12. 57-Matt McAdams, Hanna City

13. 95-Frank Shickel Sr., Bloomington

14. 32J-Jason Jaggers, Wyanet

15. 25K-Bill Kettering, Pekin

16. 7-Jay Sparks, Metamora (DNS)

FAST TIME: Steve Lance Jr. 12.289

HEAT 1: 1. Lance, Jr. 2. J. Gardner 3. Jaggers 4. Mullvain 5. Rebholtz 6.  Faulkenberry 7. McAdams  8. Hess

HEAT 2: 1. Bennett  2. B, Gardner 3. Reeder 4. Shickel  5. Paul 6. Allen 7. Sparks 8. Kettering




1. 32-Donovan Lodge, Moline

2. T9-Ryan Thomas, Gosport, IN

3. 77-Ray Bollinger, Kewanee

4. 2-Erik Bruce, Norwood

5. 32D-Tommy Duncan, Peoria

6. 01-Don Kiger, Danville

7. 87-Dan Turner, Princeville

8. 26J-Mark Johnson, Glasford

9. D3-Matt Dillon, Peoria

10. M1-Dale Munson, Fairview

11. 4-John Winters, Canton

12. 26D-Derrick Doerr, Peoria

13. 89-Noah Faw, Hanna City

14. 44x-Roger Cary, Catlin

15. 44-John Smith, Peoria

16. 38-Steve Turner, Princeville

17. 59-Johnny Parlier, Peoria

18. 40JR-Mike Chasteen, Jr., East Peoria

19. Z1-Zac Oedewaldt, Hanna City

20. 7-Cody Spirling, Peoria

HEAT 1: 1. Bruce 2. Lodge 3. Chasteen  4. Bollinger 5. Zac Oedewaldt 6. Kiger 7. Spirling 8. Dillon  9. Dane Tilstra (Onarga)

HEAT 2: 1. Johnson 2. Munson 3. Smith 4. Parlier 5. Faw 6. Doerr 7. Rick Etherton (Pekin) 8. Duncan

HEAT 3: 1. Thomas 2. D. Turner 3. Winters 4. S. Turner 5. Joe Cook (Spring Bay)  6. Jim Picardi (Pekin) 7. Smith 8. Zane Oedewaldt (Hanna City)

SEMI 1: 1. Cary  2. Zac Oedewaldt  3. Doerr 4. Spirling 5. Tilstra 6. Billy Puckett (Metamora) 7. Cook

SEMI 2: 1. Duncan 2. Faw 3. Kiger 4. Dillon 5. Zane Oedewaldt  6. Picardi 7. Ehterton



1. A2-Jack Siegel, Pekin

2. 30-Rob Bauman, Sr., Fairview

3. 99-Brian Crebo, Hanna City

4. 22c-Bobby Cowell, Sr., East Peoria

5. 55-C J VanBeveran, East Galesburg

6. 83-Jim Carmody, Dunlap

7. 28M-Matt Mills, East Peoria

8. 30JR-Robbie Bauman, Jr., Fairview

9. 15-Steve Shannon, Bartonville

10. 00-Jason Weyeneth, Peoria

11. 01-Jim Sellner, Peoria Heights

12. F4-Chris Feger, Marquette Heights

13. 45-Dewayne Walters, Metamora

14. 7-Rick Erwin, Peoria

15. 5-John Traver, Peoria

16. 93-Amanda Ellis, Wahsington

17. 51- Cameron Guidi, Hanna City

18. 8-Matt Murphy, Peoria

19. 1-Brad Carrington, Peoria

HEAT 1: 1. Siegel 2. Shannon 3. Bauman Jr. 4. Crebo 5. Erwin 6. Traver 7. Guidi 8. Sellner 9. Ellis 10. Carrington

HEAT 2: 1. Carmody 2. Feger 3. Bauman Sr.  4. Weyeneth 5. VanBeveran 6. Cowell 7. Mills 8. Walters  8. Murphy


STREET STOCK (14 cars)

1. 90-John Farris, Peoria

2. 4h-Paula Harrison, Germantown Hills

3. B22-Chuck Barnes, Jr., Peoria

4. 68-Wally Zaner, Groveland

5 258-Virgil Nussel, Peoria

6 22x-Bob Cowell, Jr., East Peoria

7 63p-Greg Sauder, Peoria

8 30-Nate Griffin, Peoria

9 6S-Squoria Rivers, East Peoria

10. 56-Ed Keith, Peoria

11. 20-Bob Simpson, Bartonville

12. 63p-Greg Sauder, Peoria

13. R22-Rudy Oldberg, Galesburg

14. 52-Michael Wells, Peoria

HEAT: 1. Harrison 2. Zander 3. Simpson 4. Barnes 5. Rivers 6. Keith 7. Wells

HEAT 2: 1. Farris 2. Nussel 3. Cowell 4. Griffin 5. Sauder 6. Oldberg


UMP HORNETS (12 cars)

1. 24-Kenny Butterfield, Kingston Mines

2. K2-Jeremy Kingsley, Peoria

3. B5-Tyler Benson, Creve Coeur

4. 18W-Tommy Wisher, Peoria

5. 13-Matt Musgrave, Peoria

6. 77-Zac Bollinger, Kewanee

7. WFO-Tyler Etherton, Pekin

8. 39-Brent Terry, Pekin

9. 25J-Jerry Sally, Manito

10. 57-Fred Logsdon, Pekin

11. 65B-Don Britton, Peoria

12. 18z-Zach Nimrick, Pekin

HEAT 1: Kingsley 2. Wisher 3. Logsdon 4. Nimrick Sally

HEAT 2: 1. Butterfield 2. Musgrave 3. Benson 4. Terry 5.Etherton 6. Bollinger


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