22nd Annual Magnolia State 100 Opening Night Results

Columbus, Mississippi (September 23rd, 2011) – The 22nd Annual Magnolia State 100 at Columbus Speedway (Columbus, Mississippi) got underway on Friday night as preliminary events were held at the 1/3 mile oval.  Over 150 total cars entered in four divisions including 53 Super Late Models, 43 Crate Late Models, 37 Street Stocks, and 21 Open Wheel Modifieds.

In the Super Late Model division, it was two-time event champion, Chris Wall from Springfield, Louisiana, who started the night by qualifying fastest with a lap of 13.589 seconds around the “Baddest Bullring in the South.”  Heat race action would see Billy Moyer, Neil Baggett, Wendell Wallace, Bub McCool, Dane Dacus, and Jay Burchfield claim the wins.  On Saturday night, three b-mains, the last chance qualifier, and the 100 lap, $20,011-to-win finale will be held.

The Crate Late Model division saw 43 entries on hand, and Justin McRee registered the fast lap in qualifications to earn the pole for the first heat race, which he won to earn the pole for Saturday night’s feature.  Other drivers winning heat races included Johnny Stokes, Jeremy Shaw, and Chris Ragan.  On Saturday night twin b-mains will be held as well as the 25 lap, $2,500-to-win feature.

In the Open Wheel Modified division, twenty-one entries registered for action, and Billy Collett, Ryan Allday, and Randy King scored heat race wins.  On Saturday night, their 25 lap, $2,000-to-win finale will be held.

The Street Stock division saw 37 entries and presented some of the wildest and best racing of the night.  Andrew Earnest, Wesley Greene, Adam Cheeks, and Jason Boyd all registered heat race wins.  On Saturday night a pair of b-mains will be held in addition to the 25 lap, $1,000-to-win-feature.

On Saturday, September 24th the pit gate opens at 2pm with the grandstand gate opening at 3pm.  A driver’s autograph session is slated for 4pm in the grandstand area with the driver’s meeting at 5pm and hot laps for b-main cars at 6pm.  For more information, please visit www.ColumbusSpeedway.net .


Super Late Model Top 18 Locked In
Row 1: Billy Moyer – Neil Baggett
Row 2: Wendell Wallace- Bub McCool
Row 3: Dane Dacus – Jay Burchfield
Row 4: Chris Wall – Mike Marlar
Row 5: Klint Byars – David Breazeale
Row 6: Shane Clanton – Ronny Lee Hollingsworth
Row 7: Rodney Wing – Scott Dedwylder
Row 8: Eric Cooley – Tony Knowles
Row 8: Kennith Crowe – Jeremy Broadus

Super Late Model B-Main #1(Top Two Transfer to Feature; Positions 3-6 Transfer to Last Chance Qualifier)
Row 1: Rick Rickman – Timothy Culp
Row 2: Chad Winkles – Daniel Moore
Row 3: Morgan Bagley – Benji Cole
Row 4: Leon Henderson – Kurt Radojisc
Row 5: Ty Dillon – Dwight Falcon
Row 6: Brandon Brown – Tombo Callahan

Super Late Model B-Main #2 (Top Two Transfer to Feature; Positions 3-6 Transfer to Last Chance Qualifier)
Row 1: Clint Smith – Dean Carpenter
Row 2: Jason Cliburn – Jamie Tollison
Row 3: Brian Reese – Kelly Hanvey
Row 4: Chad Thrash – Charlie Henderson
Row 5: Henry Cooper – Clint Logan
Row 6: Keith House

Super Late Model B-Main #3 (Top Two Transfer to Feature; Positions 3-6 Transfer to Last Chance Qualifier)
Row 1: Steve Bryan – Brian Rickman
Row 2: Eddie Rickman – Jamie Elam
Row 3: Doug Showah – Jeff White
Row 4: Ross Camponovo – Matt Johnson
Row 5: Kevin Spears – Chase Washington
Row 6: Terry Atkins

Crate Late Model Top 16
Row 1: Justin McRee – Johnny Stokes
Row 2: Jeremy Shaw – Chris Ragan
Row 3: Mark Stokes – Mike Boland
Row 4: Justin Carter – Dougie King
Row 5: Cliff Williams – Neil Baggett
Row 6: Ryan King – Daniel Bridgemon
Row 7: Chad McCool – Evan Ellis
Row 8: Hunter Carroll – Chris O’Conner

Crate Late Model B-Main #1 (Top 4 Transfer to Feature)
Row 1: Chance Inman – Tim Knight
Row 2: Brent Barrett – Jason Milam
Row 3: Darrell Guess – Dwight Falcon
Row 4: Joseph Felks – Lee Ray
Row 5: Eric Carr – TK King
Row 6: Tony Gray – Boone Fullwood
Row 7: Joe Reaves – Drew McMahon

Crate Late Model B-Main #2 (Top 4 Transfer to Feature)
Row 1: Caleb Myers – Jamie Tollison
Row 2: Mark Stevens – Tody Ratcliff
Row 3: Michael Santangelo – Jason Michau
Row 4: Marcus Minga – David Carpenter
Row 5: Bobby Jordan – Trey Rickman
Row 6: Shay Knight – Jamey Boland
Row 7: Kyle Shaw

Street Stock Top 16
Row 1: Andrew Earnest – Wesley Greene
Row 2: Adam Cheeks – Jason Byrd
Row 3: Marty Holtman – Trey Bright
Row 4: James Ware – Marvin Beard
Row 5: Jesse Beck – Scott Leach
Row 6: Bill Sudduth – Tony Silvestri
Row 7: Doug Dodd – Brandon Nobles
Row 8: Tommy Nichols – Charlie Gardner

Street Stock B-Main #1 (Top 4 Transfer to Feature)
Row 1: Carl Kilgore – Camron Parker
Row 2: Robert McCann – Martin Burke
Row 3: Wes Gray – Reno Burr
Row 4: Scott Gable – Margaret Nobles
Row 5: David Westbrook – Jason Sanders
Row 6: Wayne Medders

Street Stock B-Main #2 (Top 4 Transfer To Feature
Row 1: William Sykes – Jamie Sudduth
Row 2: Terry Thrash – Brooke Carter
Row 3: Mathew Dillard – George Law
Row 4: Andy Sloan – Ben Williams
Row 5: Ryan Colby – Randy Mills

Open Wheel Modified Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Billy Collett – Ryan Allday
Row 2: Randy King – Brandon Poppenheimer
Row 3: Jason Markewitz – TJ Herndon
Row 4: Rusty Duncan – Blake Koenigsberger
Row 5: Jeremy Shaw – Randal Harlow
Row 6: Luke Riddle – Jeremy Idom
Row 7: Todd Gray – Rodney Etheridge
Row 8: Tony Higgins – Jeff Scott
Row 9: Rex Michaels – Josh Trammell
Row 10: Ricky Idom – Noah Daspit
Row 11: Mike Boland