GM Performance Parts And Reliable Chevrolet Provide Extra Money For Springfield OctoberFast And Turkey Classic For B-Mods

Springfield RacewaySpringfield,Mo.

Due to the popular response with the GM Performance 602 Crate motor and Reliable Chevrolet Bonus money in the B-Mods at SpringfieldRaceway,The fine people at Reliable And GM will be adding money for those running the GM Performance 602 Crate Motor for the upcoming Octoberfast on Sat October 15th and the ever popular Turkey Classic on november 26th.

The Breakdown will go like this-money from GM Performance will pay to the highest finishing 602 GM Crate motors

$100 to the highest finishing Crate in the Feature,$75 for the second and third highest Crate motor and $50 to the fourth highest finishing Crate motor in the feature.

Reliable Chevrolet of Springfield will also give an extra $50 to the highest finishing crate motor if it was purchased from Reliable Chevrolet in Springfield and also the second highest Reliable purchased crate motor will recieve an extra $50.

The upcoming Octoberfast will be paying $777 to win the feature in the B-Mods-if a Reliable Chevrolet GM Performance motor can win this event add $150 to the total making it possible for a driver to capture $927.

The GM Performance program was so successful that GM and Reliable both agreed to continue this program for the Ocroberfast and Turkey Classic.

If you purchased your Crate motor from Springfield’s Reliable Chevrolet you will need to have the invoice.

For more information visit the website at or contact Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426.

The Bordertown Casino Special event will begin Racing at 3PM Sat.Pitgates open at 10:30AM with Hotlaps starting at 2PM.Draw cutoff for passing points is 2PM.Drivers meeting at 1:40PM.