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Reed Grabs First UMP Super Late Model Win at Quincy

Quincy RacewayBy Jack Walbring

Justin Reed, Steven DeLonjay, Abe Huls, Tony Dunker, Jake Griffin and Chuck Fullenkamp all took feature event wins at Quincy Raceways on the opening night of the 2012 race season on April 1.

Brandon Sheppard looked to be a shoe-in winner in the first UMP Super Late Model main event for the 2012 season but 2011 Quincy Raceways IMCA Late Model Track Champion Justin Reed had other ideas. Sheppard took the win in the Summy Tire and Auto Center Dash to start the main event on the pole with Michael Long on his outside. Sheppard took the early lead with Long in tow but by lap six, Reed worked his way into the second position. Reed then slowly crept up on Sheppard and on lap fourteen managed to take over the top spot as Sheppard began to fade. Reed then pulled out to a several car length lead as Mark Burgtorf worked his way up to challenge Sheppard and on the nineteenth circuit took over the second spot but Sheppard was not giving in easily as he rallied to take back second on the twenty nineth lap. Reed scored the win with Sheppard in second, Burgtorf in third, Matt Bailey in fourth and Michael Long in fifth. The heat race winners were Schott Schmitt, Burgtorf and Jim Moon.

Steven DeLonjay made a big statement as he took the win in the Miller Lite UMP Modified main event.  Michael Long jumped into the lead of the twenty five lap main event from his pole starting spot and held off Troy Grotz for the first twelve laps until a multi car accident took Grotz out of contention. DeLonjay had started the feature event in the sixth row and had steadily worked his way through the field and restarted in the second spot after the lap thirteen caution. DeLonjay kept up the pressure on Long and on the twenty second lap he managed to slip past Long to take over the top position. DeLonjay then pulled away for the win followed by Long in second, Robbie Reed in third, Donovan Lodge in fourth and James Leffew in fifth. Jared Schlipman, Reed and Long were the heat race winners.

Abe Huls grabbed the lead of the IMCA Stock Car feature event on the sixth lap and held off a pesky Terry Houston to take the first  IMCA Stock Car feature win of the season. Houston settled for second followed by Jerry Jansen in third, Jeff Mueller in fourth and Ty Hill in fifth. Aaron Brocksieck and Huls were the heat race winners.

Tony Dunker took the win in the Summy Tire and Auto Center IMCA Northern SportMod main event but Dunker had to hold off a very determined field to take the win. Dean Kratzer put the pressure on Dunker for most of the main event before slipping back on the last lap to third as young Tanner Klingele took over the second spot as the checkered flag fell. The fourth spot went to Bobby Anders followed by Joe Bliven in fifth. Jim Gillenwater and Klingele were the heat race winners.

Jake Powers held off Jeremy Buss to take the win in the Hobby Stock feature event. Powers took the lead on the third lap and held Buss at bay for the remainder of the twenty laps followed by Travis Booher in third, Nathan Hayes in fourth and Jamie Bevill in fifth. Jim Powell and Tanner Klingele were the heat race winners.

The IMCA Sport Compacts may have gotten a new name and sanction for 2012 but the action was just about a crazy as the 2011 “Wild Things” division were in the past. Chuck Fullenkamp took the feature win over Seith Woodruff in second, Andrew Davis in third, Brandon Lambert in fourth and Kimberly Abbott in fifth. Craig Bangert and Woodruff were the heat race winners.




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4/1/2012 – Quincy Raceways Results…

UMP Super Late Models

A-Main —  1. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 2. Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin; 3. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy; 4. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 5. Michael Long, Quincy; 6. Jim Moon, Mount Auburn; 7. Scott Schmitt, Tonica; 8. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 9. Rickey Frankel, Quincy; 10. Robby Warner, Quincy; 11. Jake Meier, Tipton, Iowa; 12. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 13. Jason Perry, Payson; 14. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 15. Chuck Mitchell, Jacksonville; 16. Ron Elbe, Augusta; 17. Kenny VanDorn, Springfield; 18. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 19. Jerry Lierly, Camp Point; 20. Joey Gower, Quincy.

Heat 1 —  1. Scott Schmitt, Tonica; 2. Michael Long, Quincy; 3. Jason Perry, Payson; 4. Chuck Mitchell, Jacksonville; 5. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 6. Ron Elbe, Augusta; 7. Kenny VanDorn, Springfield.

Heat 2 —  1. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy; 2. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 3. Jake Meier, Tipton, Iowa; 4. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 5. Robby Warner, Quincy; 6. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 7. Joey Gower, Quincy.

Heat 3 —  1. Jim Moon, Mount Auburn; 2. Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin; 3. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 4. Rickey Frankel, Quincy; 5. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 6. Jerry Lierly, Camp Point; 7. Clint Kirkham, Camden.

Summy Tire & Auto Center Dash —  1. Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin; 2. Michael Long, Quincy; 3. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 4. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy; 5. Jim Moon, Mount Auburn; 6. Scott Schmitt, Tonica.

Miller Lite UMP Modifieds

A-Main —  1. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 2. Michael Long, Quincy; 3. Robbie Reed, Mexico, Mo.; 4. Donovan Lodge, Moline; 5. James Leffew, Quincy; 6. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 7. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 8. Todd Reed, Quincy; 9. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 10. Ronnie Woods, Mexico, Mo.; 11. Jim Whitmer, Quincy; 12. JOHN COULTAS, BLUFFS; 13. David Wietholder, Liberty; 14. Steven Grotz, Quincy; 15. Derrick Bangert, Bluffs; 16. Tony Dunker,

Quincy; 17. Troy Grotz, Quincy; 18. Robert Thompson, Colchester; 19. Danny Lake, New London, Mo..

Heat 1 —  1. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 2. Troy Grotz, Quincy; 3. Steven Grotz, Quincy; 4. JOHN COULTAS, BLUFFS; 5. Jim Whitmer, Quincy; 6. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 7. Robert Thompson, Colchester.

Heat 2 —  1. Robbie Reed, Mexico, Mo.; 2. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 3. David Wietholder, Liberty; 4. Ronnie Woods, Mexico, Mo.; 5. Danny Lake, New London, Mo.; 6. Derrick Bangert, Bluffs.

Heat 3 —  1. Michael Long, Quincy; 2. Donovan Lodge, Moline; 3. James Leffew, Quincy; 4. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 5. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 6. Todd Reed, Quincy.

IMCA Stock Cars

A-Main —  1. Abe Huls, Carthage; 2. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 3. Jerry Jansen, Plainville; 4. Jeff Mueller, New London, Iowa; 5. Ty Hill, Dallas Center, Iowa; 6. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 7. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, Iowa; 8. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 9. Michael Larsen, Hannibal, Mo.; 10. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 11. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 12. Austin Scheute, Keokuk, Iowa.

Heat 1 —  1. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 2. Ty Hill, Dallas Center, Iowa; 3. Jerry Jansen, Plainville; 4. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, Iowa; 5. Michael Larsen, Hannibal, Mo.; 6. Austin Scheute, Keokuk, Iowa.

Heat 2 —  1. Abe Huls, Carthage; 2. Jeff Mueller, New London, Iowa; 3. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 4. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 5. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 6. Andrew Griffin, Golden

Summy Tire & Auto Center IMCA SportMods

A-Main —  1. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 2. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 3. Dean Kratzer, Ft Madison, Iowa; 4. Bobby Anders, Quincy; 5. Michael Bliven, Quincy; 6. Rick Barlow Jr, Montrose, Iowa; 7. Brandon Ruffcorn, Donnellson, Iowa; 8. Brandon Dale, gorin, Mo.; 9. Bradley Holtmeyer, Quincy; 10. Aaron Penick, Kirksville, Mo.; 11. Charles VanZandt, Camp Point; 12. Chris Larson, Keokuk, Iowa; 13. Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, Iowa; 14. Keith Dawson, Bowling Green, Mo.

Heat 1 —  1. Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. Chris Larson, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. Michael Bliven, Quincy; 4. Dean Kratzer, Ft Madison, Iowa; 5. Charles VanZandt, Camp Point; 6. Aaron Penick, Kirksville, Mo.; 7. Brandon Ruffcorn, Donnellson, Iowa.

Heat 2 —  1. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 2. Bobby Anders, Quincy; 3. Bradley Holtmeyer, Quincy; 4. Keith Dawson, Bowling Green, Mo.; 5. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 6. Brandon Dale, gorin, Mo.; 7. Rick Barlow Jr, Montrose, Iowa

Hobby Stocks

A-Main —  1. Jake Powers, Plainville; 2. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 3. Travis Booher, Quincy; 4. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 5. Jaime Bevill;; 6. Justin Bevill, Bethel, Mo.; 7. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 8. Jeff Delonjay, Quincy; 9. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 10. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 11. Brian Hoener, Golden; 12. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 13. Nathan Anders, Quincy.

Heat 1 —  1. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 2. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. Brian Hoener, Golden; 4. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 5. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 6. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 7. Jeff Delonjay, Quincy.

Heat 2 —  1. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 2. Jake Powers, Plainville; 3. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 4. Justin Bevill, Bethel, Mo.; 5. Jaime Bevill;; 6. Travis Booher, Quincy.

IMCA Sport Compacts

A-Main —  1. Chuck Fullenkamp, Fort Madison, Iowa; 2. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 3. Andrew Davis, Keokuk, Iowa; 4. Brandon Lambert, Carthage; 5. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 6. Craig Bangert, Golden; 7. Laine VanZandt, Camp Point; 8. Brandon Gallaher, Quincy; 9. Dakata Anderson, Canton, Mo.; 10. Wesley Rensch, Rushville; 11. William Michel, Farmington, Iowa; 12. Mike Hornung Jr, Keokuk, Iowa.

Heat 1 —  1. Craig Bangert, Golden; 2. Mike Hornung Jr, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. Andrew Davis, Keokuk, Iowa; 4. Wesley

Rensch, Rushville; 5. Brandon Gallaher, Quincy; 6. Dakata Anderson, Canton, Mo..

Heat 2 —  1. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 2. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 3. Chuck Fullenkamp, Fort Madison, Iowa;

4. William Michel, Farmington, Iowa; 5. Brandon Lambert, Carthage; 6. Laine VanZandt, Camp Point.

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