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Beuseling Best at Quad City Speedway

Quad City Racewayby Brad Hines
East Moline, IL (May 20, 2012) – Going into this past weekend of racing Silvis’ Nate Beuseling was the leading the 2012 IMCA Late Model National Point Standings and on Sunday night at the Quad City Speedway he did his best to keep that top spot.

In the Sexton Ford IMCA Late Model feature Beuseling used 25 of the 30 laps to navigate his No. 46 machine from his ninth starting spot to first. Aledo’s LeRoy Brenner, who led the first 25 laps, would take second after holding off Mike Garland, Ray Guss Jr., and Mike Zemo Jr. The top five were all within feet of each other at the checkered flag.

Moline’s R.J. Gonzales had a dominating performance in the Extreme Auto Glass Street Stocks. The No. 39G of Gonzales led flag to flag in the feature event after winner his heat race earlier in the night. Chuck Fox came in second followed by Ron Marks Jr. (who started ninth), Rob Henry (who started tenth), and Chris Lawrence.

The Mod Lites were once again at the Quad City Speedway and once again Moline’s Shon Sanders parked his No. 4 in the winner’s circle. Sanders led all 15 laps for his second win in three weeks at QCS. Todd Cramer took second with Rob Guss, David Norton, and Anthony Guss rounding out the top five.

Jason Bahrs, of Colona, had his hands with a couple of Durbins in the Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modifieds Sunday. Bahrs was able to get by them once, coming from the ninth starting spot, and that was all he needed to do. Both Brandon and Greg Durbin were on Bahrs’ bumper throughout the 20 lap feature with Brandon taking second then Greg followed by Brian Bushong and Eric Barnes.

It took Ryan Dolan seven laps in his No. 7 to get to first in the Verplaetse Excavating A-Modified feature. Dolan would lead the rest of the way but not without a fierce challenge from Colona’s Milo Veloz Jr. who would finish second followed by John Bull, Scott Fridley, and Dustin Schram.

The Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4 Cylinders put on another entertaining feature with first year driver John Scott III taking the early lead. Just past halfway Scott III would have mechanical problems and Jacob Ellithorpe would take over the lead and go on to win followed by Eric Stogdell, Jeff Peterson, Steven Phillips, and Dustin Forbes.

Sexton Ford IMCA Late Models

Heat 1
1. Eric Gustaf
2. LeRoy Brenner
3. Bob Miller
4. Mike Zemo Jr.
5. Ray Guss Jr.
6. Chuck Hanna
7. Rob Toland

Heat 2
1. Mike Cothron
2. Mike Garland
3. Todd Malmstrom
4. Nate Beuseling
5. Mike Guldenpfennig
6. Buck Harmening
7. Kelly Pestka

1. Nate Beuseling
2. LeRoy Brenner
3. Mike Garland
4. Ray Guss Jr.
5. Mike Zemo Jr.
6. Todd Malmstrom
7. Mike Cothron
8. Bob Miller
9. Chuck Hanna
10. Eric Gustaf
11. Kelly Pestka
12. Buck Harmening
13. Mike Guldenpfennig
14. Rob Toland

Extreme Auto Glass Street Stocks

Heat 1
1. R.J. Gonzales
2. Rob Henry
3. Dwaine Hasson
4. Chris Lawrence
5. Erick Turner
6. Ben Gallentine
7. Nick Lawrence
8. Jerame Mowery
9. Rob Nylin

Heat 2
1. Korey Peterson
2. Ron Marks Jr.
3. Emily Gade
4. T.J. Patz
5. Chuck Fox
6. Steve Gustaf Sr.
7. Rick Schriner
8. Terry Smith

1. R.J. Gonzales
2. Chuck Fox
3. Ron Marks Jr.
4. Rob Henry
5. Chris Lawrence
6. Emily Gade
7. Rick Schriner
8. Ben Gallentine
9. Steve Gustaf Sr.
10. Nick Lawrence
11. Terry Smith
12. Dwaine Hasson
13. Korey Peterson
14. Rob Nylin
15. T.J. Patz
16. Erick Turner
17. Jerame Mowery

Mod Lites

Heat 1
1. Johnathan Huston
2. Dan Guss
3. Anthony Guss
4. Cody Brown
5. David Norton
6. Jason Masengarb

Heat 2
1. Rob Guss
2. Todd Cramer
3. Shon Sanders
4. Brad Lucy
5. Blake Woodruff
6. Shawn Drey

1. Shon Sanders
2. Todd Cramer
3. Rob Guss
4. David Norton
5. Anthony Guss
6. Brad Lucy
7. Dan Guss
8. Jason Masengarb
9. Johnathan Huston
10. Blake Woodruff
11. Cody Brown
12. Shawn Drey

Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1
1. Doug Crampton
2. Jason Masengarb
3. Greg Durbin
4. Eric Barnes
5. Joe Jones Jr.
6. George Spence III

Heat 2
1. Jason Bahrs
2. Brandon Durbin
3. Justin Veloz
4. Brian Bushong
5. Chance Huston

1. Jason Bahrs
2. Brandon Durbin
3. Greg Durbin
4. Brian Bushong
5. Eric Barnes
6. Jason Masengarb
7. Joe Jones Jr.
8. Chance Huston
9. George Spence III
10. Justin Veloz
11. Doug Crampton

Verplaetse Excavating A-Modifieds

Heat 1
1. Milo Veloz Jr.
2. Dustin Schram
3. Perry Gellerstedt
4. Scott Fridley
5. John Bull

Heat 2
1. Ryan Dolan
2. Jason Pershy
3. Jerry Bailey Jr.
4. Chad Tucker

1. Ryan Dolan
2. Milo Veloz Jr.
3. John Bull
4. Scott Fridley
5. Dustin Schram
6. Jerry Bailey Jr.
7. Perry Gellerstedt
8. Chad Tucker
9. Jason Pershy

Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4 Cylinders

Heat 1
1. Eric Stogdell
2. Brandon Jewell
3. Cameron Poci
4. Wade Dahl
5. John Scott III
6. Josh Sharpe
7. Jeff Powell
8. Bobby Barker

Heat 2
1. Jacob Ellithorpe
2. Dustin Forbes
3. Jon Scott
4. Zachary Dahl
5. Jeff Peterson
6. Brandon Dahl
7. Steven Phillips

1. Jacob Ellithorpe
2. Eric Stogdell
3. Jeff Peterson
4. Steven Phillips
5. Dustin Forbes
6. Wade Dahl
7. John Scott III
8. Brandon Dahl
9. Jon Scott
10. Josh Sharpe
11. Jeff Powell
12. Cameron Poci
13. Brandon Jewell
14. Zachary Dahl
15. Bobby Barker

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