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    Chad Zobrist, Brian Bielong, Bobby Dauderman, Jeremy Thoele, Austin Isaak & Kenny Elliott take wins at Highland Speedway!

    HIGHLAND IL (June 9, 2012 Racers and fans returned to the Highland Speedway after a week off from racing. It was Hamel CO OP night with give a ways from the Huddle House.

    The premier class of the Highland Speedway is the Becker Jewelers Super Late Models and they never fail to excite the crowds with unpredictability and tremendous racing action.

    The feature event lined up with pole sitter Rick “The Salty Dog” Salter in the 1S choosing the outside starting spot, this positioned the dash runner up, “Fast” Frankie Martin from DuQuoin Il on the inside of the front row. The remainder of the lineup was in row two, the 38J of Jake Little and Rick Standridge in the 12. The row three line up was the 11K of Shannon Kuhn and the T4 of Adam Tischhauser. In row four sat the 78 of Chad Zobrist and the 38L of Ryan Little.

    The Salty Dog, choose the high side for the start based on his performance in the dash. Salter didn’t anticipate the craftiness of Highland veteran Martin. At the stripe after the first lap it was a dead heat as the pair of racers was door handle to door handle. Unfortunately for Salter on lap two he drove the 1S a bit too hard into turn four and put the right side wheels up on the top of the wall and just about went for a ride, the incident slowed his forward momentum and the chances for the Salty Dog from Albers IL for a feature victory were gone. The 25 of Martin was the leader and on the very next lap the 12 of Standridge did the exact same thing Salter did on the previous lap, but this time he came to a rest and brought out the first yellow.

    On the restart it was Martin, Kuhn, J. Little, the 78 of Zobrist who started 7th on the field and Salter. On lap five Martin was working the high side of the Speedway, by this time Zobrist had moved to the second spot and was working the bottom. On lap 7 Zobrist had acquired the lead. A caution on lap 8 for debris slowed the field. Zobrist had the point followed by Martin, Kuhn, the 27S of Mike Schulte and J Little. After the restart Zobrist had the 78 working in the black and distanced himself from the field. While there were several more cautions, the past Becker Jewelers Late Model Champion and current points leader was never challenged and took the 78 into the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane for the third time this season. Martin finished were he started in the second spot, Schulte, Kuhn and Standridge who made it all the back for the tail of the field from the lap three incident finished in the fifth spot were the top five.

    Brian Bielong completely dominated the Steve Schmitt Modifieds, leading the entire 20 caution free lap feature from the drop of the green to the double checker flags. Tyler Diebert, Chad Sellers, Justin Ketrow and Jim Werner Jr were the top five.

    Miller Lite Pro Late Models
    The evening started off with the feature that wasn’t raced on May 31, Bobby Martintoni, The Italian Stallion captured the win with Billy Knebel Jr, Rick Salter, Jordan Bauer and Ray Emling completing the top five.

    In the night cap the man they call the Undertaker, Bobby Dauderman led all 20 laps, Rick Salter, Mark Oller, Ray Emling and Jordan Bauer were the top five.

    Jeremy Thole was the best the Sport Mod field and made his first trip into the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane he held a good showing by Brett Eilerman in the 65, Steve Ellison driving the Smith family number 55, the 88 of Rob Lee, and Rick Johnson in the 92.

    Coming Events
    June 12 2012 Test & Tune Tuesday 6:00 – 9:00pm

    June 16 2012 Grapperhaus Metals Night of Destruction Rollover Contest featuring Johnny Crash

    June 20 2012 Summer Nationals Wednesday sponsored by Kettle River Furniture

    June 23 2012 DOUBLE FEATURES NIGHT sponsored by B-Wet B-Dry – Frozen T-shirt Night Plus just added demo Derby $10.00 Admission

    For more information about the Highland Speedway and the Madison County Fair Association visit their respective web sites: Highland Speedway .com, and Mad Co Fair .com. Also visit their respective Face Book pages.

    UMP DIRTcar Late Models
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 12S Rick Standridge
    2 1S Rick Salter
    3 T4 Adam Tischhauser
    4 78 Chad Zobrist
    5 27S Mike Schulte
    6 14U Bruce Unterbrink
    7 31 Brent Helmkamp

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 25 Frankie Martin
    2 11K Shannon Kuhn
    3 38J Jake Little
    4 38L Ryan Little
    5 3COLE Kevin Cole
    6 21 Kerry Gaultney
    7 41 Dan Jacober

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 1S Rick Salter
    2 25 Frankie Martin
    3 38J Jake Little
    4 12S Rick Standridge
    5 11K Shannon Kuhn
    6 T4 Adam Tischhauser

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 78 Chad Zobrist
    2 25 Frankie Martin
    3 27S Mike Schulte
    4 11K Shannon Kuhn
    5 12S Rick Standridge
    6 38J Jake Little
    7 3COLE Kevin Cole
    8 T4 Adam Tischhauser
    9 14U Bruce Unterbrink
    10 31 Brent Helmkamp
    11 38L Ryan Little
    12 1S Rick Salter
    13 41 Dan Jacober
    14 21 Kerry Gaultney

    UMP DIRTcar Modifieds
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
    2 44 Jim Werner, Jr
    3 84 Tyler Deibert
    4 42 Steve Lach
    5 6 Justin Ketrow
    6 55V Brad Venhaus
    7 316 Stephen Plog

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 13 Aaron Kleine
    2 11 Chad Sellers
    3 70 Brian Bielong
    4 99K Dustin Knerrer
    5 71 Lynn Tidwell
    6 56M Charlie McCaleb

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 70 Brian Bielong
    2 44 Jim Werner, Jr
    3 84 Tyler Deibert
    4 11 Chad Sellers
    5 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
    6 13 Aaron Kleine

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 70 Brian Bielong
    2 84 Tyler Deibert
    3 11 Chad Sellers
    4 6 Justin Ketrow
    5 44 Jim Werner, Jr
    6 42 Steve Lach
    7 99K Dustin Knerrer
    8 55V Brad Venhaus
    9 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
    10 71 Lynn Tidwell
    11 316 Stephen Plog
    12 56M Charlie McCaleb
    13 13 Aaron Kleine DNS

    UMP DIRTcar Pro Late Models
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 18 Bobby Dauderman
    2 USA1 Rick Salter
    3 6E Ray Emling
    4 20 John Cory
    5 48 Bobby Martintoni
    6 21 Trevor Thornton

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 52 Billy Knebel, Jr
    2 67 Mark Oller
    3 9* Jordan Bauer
    4 4 Jason Suhre
    5 96 Matt Koch
    6 9T Travis Horner DNS

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 18 Bobby Dauderman
    2 USA1 Rick Salter
    3 67 Mark Oller
    4 6E Ray Emling
    5 9* Jordan Bauer
    6 4 Jason Suhre
    7 96 Matt Koch
    8 52 Billy Knebel, Jr
    9 9T Travis Horner
    10 20 John Cory
    11 21 Trevor Thornton
    12 48 Bobby Martintoni

    UMP DIRTcar Limited Modifieds (SportMods)
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 14 Jeremy Thoele
    2 65 Brian Crawford
    3 63 Brett Eilerman
    4 18 Jerry Thompson
    5 1G Len Garson
    6 35 Mark Stolle
    7 21 Dan DuBree

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 55 Steven Ellison
    2 88 Rob Lee
    3 5 Brett Page
    4 92J Rick Johnson
    5 11L Curt Loddeke
    6 33L Caleb Lintezenich

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 14 Jeremy Thoele
    2 63 Brett Eilerman
    3 55 Steven Ellison
    4 88 Rob Lee
    5 92J Rick Johnson
    6 11L Curt Loddeke
    7 1G Len Garson
    8 18 Jerry Thompson
    9 33L Caleb Lintezenich
    10 5 Brett Page
    11 65 Brian Crawford
    12 35 Mark Stolle
    13 21 Dan DuBree

    UMP DIRTcar Factory Stocks (Bombers)
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 6I Austin Isaak
    2 379 Steve Steele
    3 54 Shaun Hortsmann
    4 36 Eric Harris
    5 32T Jacob Tompkins
    6 0 Ryan Emig
    7 441 Cody Ventimiglia
    8 30* Wade Carson

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 29H Cale Hartnagel
    2 8T T J Eilers
    3 53 Justin Leichsenring
    4 9X Trevor Isaak
    5 M16 Jeremy Embrich
    6 77 Dan Waits
    7 T24 Travis Raterman

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 6I Austin Isaak
    2 29H Cale Hartnagel
    3 8T T J Eilers
    4 53 Justin Leichsenring
    5 9X Trevor Isaak
    6 0 Ryan Emig
    7 36 Eric Harris
    8 379 Steve Steele
    9 441 Cody Ventimiglia
    10 M16 Jeremy Embrich
    11 T24 Travis Raterman
    12 32T Jacob Tompkins
    13 30* Wade Carson
    14 77 Dan Waits
    15 54 Shaun Hortsmann

    UMP DIRTcar Sport Compacts (Hornets)
    Heat 1
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 18 Kenny Elliott
    2 121V Rick Viviano
    3 97 Bobby Funderburk
    4 19* Josh Bauer
    5 128 Zach Schantz
    6 63 Brett Eilerman
    7 7S Kate Smith
    8 81LE Lacey Egbert

    Heat 2
    Finish Car No Driver
    1 47L Christian Lee
    2 8B Robbie Bindrim
    3 0 Chris Dicken
    4 27F Robert Shaw
    5 48 Joe Wagner
    6 14 Gary Jones, Jr
    7 22 Duane Dubree

    Finish Car No Driver
    1 18 Kenny Elliott
    2 47L Christian Lee
    3 97 Bobby Funderburk
    4 8B Robbie Bindrim
    5 121V Rick Viviano
    6 19* Josh Bauer
    7 14 Gary Jones, Jr
    8 7S Kate Smith
    9 128 Zach Schantz
    10 81LE Lacey Egbert
    11 27F Robert Shaw
    12 48 Joe Wagner
    13 0 Chris Dicken
    14 63 Brett Eilerman
    15 22 Duane Dubree

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