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Walker Arthur wins PCRA opener at Clarksville Speedway!


Walker Arthur

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (March 9) — Racing far from his Forest, Va., home, Walker Arthur’s journey paid off Saturday at Clarksville Speedway with a victory in the Pro Crate Racers of America opener. Arthur’s flag-to-flag victory came in Tuckassee Toilet Bowl Classic at the quarter-mile oval.

Jeff Walston of Paducah, Ky., finished second in the main event followed by Evan Taylor of Woodlawn, Tenn. Kolby Vandenbergh of Ashland, Ill., and reigning PCRA champion Bobby Dauderman of Alhambra, Ill., rounded out the top five.

Jesse Stovall of Galena, Mo., crossed the finish line in the second spot, but he was disqualified for failing to report to postrace technical inspection.

Cautions appeared for a Credence Mott-John Minon collision on the 10th lap, then again on lap 15 for Gavin Schmidt.

Notes: Arthur’s No. 87 is sponsored by Cecil B. Arthur Generator Contractor and Bilstein Shocks. … Arthur won the previous night at Clarksville in MARS DIRTcar Series action for Super Late Models. … Darrell Woodcock earned hard charger honors for his 17th-to-seventh charge.

Clarksville Speedway
March 9th, 2013

Fast 6 Dash Finish
1. 87 Walker Arthur, 2. 56 Jeff Walston, 3. 36 Evan Taylor, 4 14jr Jesse Stovall,5. 15 Kolby Vandenbergh 6. 10y Trent Young

Heat #1 Finish
1. 59 Aaron Heck, 2. T1 Tyler Allen, 3. 89 Credence Mott, 4. 4G Bob Gardner, 5. J12 Jeff Bailey, 6. 29 Shannon Allen 7. 19 Gavin Schmidt 8. 93 Michael Zimmerman

Heat #2 Finish
1. 18 Bobby Dauderman, 2. 74 John Minon, 3. 33H Roben Huffman, 4. 9S Robbie Sanders, 5. 95 Keith Richardson, 6. 9 Darrell Woodcock, 7. Jordan Suhre

Feature Finish
1. 87 Walker Arthur, 2. 56 Jeff Walston, 3. 36 Evan Taylor, 4. 15 Kolby Vandenbergh, 5. 18 Bobby Dauderman, 6. 10Y Trent Young 7. 9 Darrell Woodcock, 8. 59 Aaron Heck, 9. 4G Bob Gardner, 10. T1 Tyler Allen, 11. 74 John Minon, 12. J12 Jeffery Bailey, 13. 95 Keith Richardson, 14. 9s Robbie Sanders, 15. 4 Jordan Suhre, 16. 29 Shannon Allen, 17. 33H Roben Huffman, 18. 19 Gavin Schmidt, 19. 89 Credence Mott, 20. 14JR Jesse Stovall DQ’D for not going to post race inspection. DNS 93 Michael Zimmerman

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