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Phil Heavelow takes Midamerica Lightning Sprints win at LA Raceway!


Phil Heavelow – Paul Gray Photo

If our first race was any indication of how this year will be for Mid-America Lightning Sprints Presented by Jayhawk Millwright, it will be a very competitive series and drivers are going to have to bring their they’re A-game to claim victory at one of our six events!

Phil Heavelow shows why he is a multi time champion in lightning sprints; as he has a stellar weekend claiming a heat and feature win at the Mid-America Lightning Sprints Presented by Jayhawk Millwright season opening event. Fortunately for Phil any bad luck to be had was only in the redraw for the feature line up as he drew a six. Sixth place starting position did not hold this veteran back as he claimed first place honors and a $750 purse that went with it. He had his car set up so it had excellent drive off the corners and this is where car 44 and car 4 Beau Heavelow who finished second appear to be better than the rest of the field.

Others deserve more than an honorable mention as we had many drivers that stood out for the night. Two drivers from Colorado, Jeff Gieg and Chris Crowder had respectable nights after driver 10 hours to race with us; Jeff finished strong in his heat by winning it and Chris finished a close second to the winner of his heat Phil Heavelow. As the track slicked off more than they expected it too, they missed the set up finishing a respectful 5th and 6th. Ken Billings ran strong all night getting by Mark Billings at the checkered flag to finish 3rd. Our other two travelers from Northern IL Ryan Cully car 21 and Zach Riadart car 23z had problems most of the night and probably are glad this weekend was over. Regular Humboldt speedway A-modified racers Rick Murcko had a decent night and finished 7th. Our Kent Transportation $75 hard charger award goes to Phil Heavelow for advancing is position from sixth to claim victory. Our two heat race winners both got shock rebuild certificate from Midwest Speed shop in Holt Summit MO.

Feature Results 1-#44 Phil Heavelow, Buckner MO, 2-#4 Beau Heavelow, Independence MO, 3-#85m Ken Billings, Kansas City MO, 4-#60e Mark Billings, Columbia MO, 5-#18 Jeff Gieg, Johnston CO, 6- #26 Chris Crowder, Colorado Springs CO, 7-# 48m Rick Murcko, Iola KS, 8-# 12 John Lane, Kansas City MO, 9-# 9 Andrew Genkinger, MT Pleasant IA, 10-# 85x Matt Hall, Kansas City MO, 11-# 8 Bird Schofield, Chilhowee MO, 12-# 15 Tony Hundlin, Iola KS, 13-# 4t David Parker, Warsaw MO, 14-# 23z Zach Raidart, Gurnee IL, 15-# 21 Ryan Cully, Alger IL, 16-# 51- # MK Billings, Kansas City MO-DNS

Heat #1
1- 18 Jeff Gieg, 2- 85m Ken Billings, 3- 4 Beau Heavelow, 4- 60e Mark Billings, 5- 23z Zach Raidart 6- 85x MK Billings, 7- 48m Rick Mureko, 8- 85x Matt Hall

Heat #2
1- 44 Phil Heavelow, 2- 26 Chris Crowder, 3- 4t David Parker, 4- 12 John Lane, 5- 21 Ryan Cully 6- 15 Tony Hundlin, 7- 9 Andrew Genkinger, 8- 8 Bird Schofield

Mid America Lightning Sprints Next WINGED show is at the new Atchison County Raceway in Atchison KS on May 4th. This track will be a elbows up, pull your straps tight and hold on track! As our series continues to grow our car count will continue to grow with it. Please visit for schedule and news.

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