Jackson Rockets for MARS/NCRA Late Model Victory at Monett Speedway!

Tony Jackson, Jr. – Ron Mitchell Photo

Monett, Missouri – July 3, 2013 – Current MARS DIRTCar point leader Tony Jackson, Jr. took the lead entering turn one on lap two and was never seriously challenged the rest of the way as he won Wednesday nights National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products late model feature Wednesday night as they joined forces with the MARS DIRTCar series at Monett Speedway in Monett, Missouri to open a three race Independence weekend for the tour.

Jackson and Jesse Stovall started on the front row for the forty lap feature with Jackson taking the early lead as the green flag fell. Stovall was right on his rear bumper and coming down the front stretch, edged Jackson by a bumper to lead lap one.

Jackson, aboard his familiar #56 RBL Financial/Lindsay Chevrolet/Club 29 sponsored, Cornett powered Rocket chassis, would enter high in turns one and two and take the lead for good coming down the back stretch. Justin Wells, Jason Magee, Brandon Morton were your top five after the first couple of laps before ninth starting Terry Phillips moved passed Morton and Magee for the fourth position on lap three.

Jackson would open up a five car length advantage early on and on lap seven, entered lapped traffic for the first time, stretching his advantage to a full straightaway.

The first of two caution flags would wave on lap nine when Jackson attempted to lap the car of Chris Morelock down the backstretch. Contact was made with Morelock sliding to a stop at the top of turn three.

The leader had no problems on the restart as Jackson once again powered away from Stovall, quickly opening a half stretch lead.

Meanwhile the battle for third began with Wells holding off several challenges from Phillips before the former five- time MARS DIRTCar champion took over the position in lapped traffic on lap thirteen.

The night’s final caution would wave on lap twenty-six when NCRA G&G Dozer rookie of the year contender Jeremy Petty spun off the track in turns three and four.

On the final restart there was no catching Jackson and not even his encounter with heavy lapped traffic with three laps to go could slow him down as he would go on to take the full straight away victory, his sixth in as many weeks.

Stovall would hold off Phillips for the runner up position while Wells came home fourth.

Will Vaught had an incident in his heat race causing him to start mid pack in the night’s “B” feature. His luck didn’t get any better there as he was a DNF and would make the feature finale by taking a MARS provisional. Vaught would start 21st and would work his way up through the field and round out the top five.

The four, eight lap heat races for the 27 car field were won by Jackson, Stovall, Shane Essary and Cole Wells while Ken Essary led wire to wire the twelve lap “B” feature.

The NCRA and MARS DIRTCar late model series will now head to 81 Speedway in Park City for an Independence Day showdown Thursday night.


NCRA/MARS Late Models

Monett Speedway/Monett, Missouri


27 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Tony Jackson, Jr., 2) Brandon McCormick, 3) Bryon Allison, 4) Chris Hawkins, 5) Jason Hughes, 6) Tyler Erb, 7) Will Vaught

2nd Heat: 1) Jesse Stovall, 2) Justin Wells, 3) Terry Phillips, 4) Coleman Younger, 5) Steve Johnson, 6) Leroy Johnson, 7) Gary Gorby

3rd Heat: 1) Shane Essary, 2) Brandon Morton, 3) Garrett Essary, 4) Ken Essary, 5) Jeremy Petty, 6) Jeff Roth, 7) Jon Driskill

4th Heat: 1) Cole Wells, 2) Jacob Magee, 3) Chris Morelock, 4) Randy Roth, 5) Jimmy Seagraves, DNS) Justin Asplin

B Feature: 1) Ken Essary, 2) Jason Hughes, 3) Tyler Erb, 4) Leroy Johnson, 5) Jeremy Petty, 6) Steve Johnson, 7) Gary Gorby, 8) Justin Asplin, 9) Randy Roth, 10) Jeff Roth, 11) Jon Driskell, 12) Jimmy Seagraves, 13) Will Vaught

A Feature: 1) 56 Tony Jackson, Jr., 2) 00 Jesse Stovall, 3) 75 Terry Phillips, 4) 98 Justin Wells, 5) 1v Will Vaught, 6) 42 Brandon McCormick, 7) 77a Justin Asplin, 8) 55 Ken Essary, 9) 10m Jacob Magee, 10) 10w Cole Wells, 11) 11m Brandon Morton, 12) J2A Coleman Younger, 13) 5 Garrett Essary, 14) 28 Leroy Johnson, 15) 133 Chris Hawkins, 16) 1A Bryan Allison, 17) 77P Jeremy Petty, 18) 25B Chris Morelock, 19) 91 Tyler Erb, 20)6H Jason Hughes, 21) 7C Gary Gorby, 22) 15 Shane Essary

Lap leaders: Stovall 1; Jackson 2-40