Hull picks up MOWA win at Montgomery Motorsports Park

Jerrod Hull

NEW FLORENCE, MO (Aug. 31, 2013) – Two-time, and defending, MOWA series champion Jerrod Hull has found his way back to the top of the points chase, and extended the lead with a dominating win at Montgomery Motorsports Park, Saturday night.

Hull garnered the most passing points through his heat race, won the dash and led every lap of the feature event, holding off several charges from Jim Moughan, throughout, to pick up the win. Moughan attempted several times to use the low line of the very slick 3/8th mile to slide to the front, but Hull was able to keep enough momentum around the top to hold on for the win.

The race was slowed several times on the initial start because of cautions on a track that went from having a heavy cushion in heat races, to very smooth and slick minus a cushion in the feature event.

Jimmy Hurley and A.J. Bruns tangled during the dash with both cars getting upside down in the middle of the backstretch on the first lap. Bruns was able to get his car put back together for the feature, while Hurley attempted to push off for the feature but was unable to start.

Bruns, who is still second in MOWA points, took another big hit in the points chase, as his 44 machine ran out of fuel in the feature, relegating him to a 15th place finish.

Paul Nienhiser finished in the third spot, while Jordan Goldsberry was second in his first stop with MOWA in 2013. Chris Urish rounded out the top five.

The series moves to Quincy Raceways tonight, with races starting at 6:30 p.m.

Feature: 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Jim Moughan, 3. Paul Nienhiser, 4. Jordan Goldsberry, 5. Chris Urish, 6. Ben Wagoner, 7. Tommy Worley, 8. Robbie Standridge, 9. Logan Faucon, 10. Jeremy Standridge, 11. Jimmy Davies, 12. Vinny Ward, 13. Mark Tischer, 14. Adam Jones, 15. A.J. Bruns, 16. John Dines, 17. Adam Schmidt, 18. Wade Seiler, 19. JC Bland, 20. Cory Bruns, 21. Jimmy Hurley (DNS).

Dash: 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Jim Moughan, 3. Paul Nienhiser, 4. Chris Urish, 5. Jordan Goldsberry, 6. Robbie Standridge, 7. Jimmy Hurley, 8. A.J. Bruns.

Heat 1: 1. A.J. Bruns, 2. Paul Nienhiser, 3. Cory Bruns, 4. Ben Wagoner, 5. Tommy Worley, 6. Wade Seiler, 7. JC Bland.

Heat 2: 1. Robbie Standridge, 2. Jim Moughan, 3. Chris Urish, 4. Jordan Goldsberry, 5. Adam Schmidt, 6. Mark Tischer, 7. Jeremy Standridge.

Heat 3: 1. Jimmy Hurley, 2. Jerrod Hull, 3. Logan Faucon, 4. Adam Jones, 5. Jimmy Davies, 6. John Dines, 7. Vinny Ward.