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Nienhiser Grabs First Ever MOWA Sprint Win at Quincy

Paul Nienhiser


Paul Nienhiser, Brandon Sheppard, Dave Wietholder and Austin Bercerra all took feature event wins at Quincy Raceways on Sunday September 1 during Budweiser/Rinella Distributing Night at the Races.

Paul Nienhiser had a dominating night in the MOWA Outlaw 410 Sprint Series as he claimed the win in the dash by half a lap setting up a pole position start in the A-Main. Nienhiser took off at the drop of the green flag in the feature event and looked like he would pull away from the field but Joey Moughan who started outside row one kept inching closer to the leader as they worked lapped traffic. Moughan took advantage of some lapped traffic on lap eighteen to blast into the lead but Nienhiser would have no part of it as he powered back past Moughan to regain the lead. Moughan kept working to stay with Nienhiser but had to settle for the second spot at the checkered flag. Following Nienhiser and Moughan to the stripe were A.J. Bruns, Jerrod Hull and Jim Moughan to round out the top 5. Jimmy Hurley and Joey Moughan were the heat race winners.

Brandon Sheppard inched his way closer to his first DIRTCar UMP Late Model National Championship as he took the feature event win. Sheppard outdistanced Bobby Pierce for the win with Mark Burgtorf in third, Denny Woodworth in fourth and Ricky Frankel in fifth. Burgtorf took the heat race win with Pierce claiming the Fast Six Dash win.

Dave Wietholder made a clean sweep in the Miller Lite UMP Modified division as he started the night off with setting fast time in Qualifying and holding off Steven DeLonjay in the Fast Six Dash to earn the pole starting spot in the twenty five lap main event. Wietholder held off DeLonjay in the early going of the feature event and then kept Rusty Griffaw at bay for the rest of the event to take his second feature win of the year at Quincy. DeLonjay settled for third followed by Chris Spaulding in fourth and Keith Pratt in fifth. Pratt scored the heat race win.

Austin Bercerra laid claim to his sixth feature win of the season in the IMCA Sport Compact division. Bercerra took the lead away from Kimberly Abbott on the third lap and never looked back to take the win. Abbott settled for second followed by Pat Dunker in third, Sieth Woodruff in fourth and Brandon Lambert in fifth. Lambert and Dunker were the heat race winners.

Coming up next at Quincy Raceways on Sunday Sept.8 will be Manchester Tank and Titan Wheel Night at the Races featuring all five Quincy Raceways divisions, the UMP Super Late Models, Miller Lite UMP Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, Summy Tire & Auto Center IMCA Northern SportMods and the IMCA Sport Compacts. The IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Northern SportMods will not be running for any points per IMCA rules (IMCA Super Nationals Rain Date). The Pits Gates will open at 2:30, Grandstands at 4:00, Drivers Registration Closes at 4:30, Hot Laps at 4:45 and Racing at 5:30pm.

Quincy Raceways Results for September 1, 2013

MOWA Outlaw 410 Sprint Cars
1-Paul Nienhiser
2-Joey Moughan
3-A.J. Bruns
4-Jerrod Hull
5-Jim Moughan
6-Jordan Goldesberry
7-Jimmy Hurley
8-Cory Bruns
9-Brett Triplett
10-Logan Faucon
11-Jimmy Davies
12-John Dines
13-Mark Tischer
14-Brett Samonds
15-Ben Waggoner
16-Jeremy Standridge
17-Robby Standridge

Heat #1
1-Jimmy Hurley
2-Jordan Goldesberry
4-Jerrod Hull
5-Cory Bruns
6-Ben Waggoner
7-Brett Triplett
8-Robbie Standridge
9-Logan Faucon

Heat #2
1-Joey Moughan
2-Paul Nienhiser
3-Brett Samonds
4-Jimmy Davies
5-Jeremy Standridge
6-Jim Moughan
7-John Dines
8-Mark Tischer

1-Paul Nienhiser
2-Joey Moughan
3-Jimmy Hurley
4-A.j. Bruns
5-Jerrod Hull
6-Jordan Goldesberry
7-Brett Samonds
8-Cory Bruns

UMP Super Late Models

1-Brandon Sheppard
2-Bobby Pierce
3-Mark Burgtorf
4-Denny Woodworth
5-Ricky Frankel
6-Dustin Griffin
7-Jason Perry
8-Ron Elbe
9-Jared Schlipman
10-Michael Long
11-Dylan White

1-Mark Burgtorf
2-Dylan White
3-Jared Schlipman
4-Dustin Griffin
5-Ron Elbe

Fast 6 Dash
1-Bobby Pierce
2-Brandon Sheppard
3-Ricky Frankel
4-Denny Woodworth
5-Michael Long
6-Jason Perry

Miller Lite UMP Modifieds

1-Dave Wietholder
2-Rusty Griffaw
3-Steven DeLonjay
4-Chris Spaulding
5-Keith Pratt
6-Adam Birck
7-Jim Black
8-Shawn Deering
9-Danny Lake
10-Jeff Yates
11-Kelly Bartz
12-Mike Morgan
13-Dean Vickers
14-Spencer Havermale
15-Sieth Woodruff
16-Jake Sewell
17-Lee Pruitt-DNS

1- Keith Pratt
2-Adam Birck
3-Shawn Deering
4-Jim Black
5-Jeff Yates
6-Mike Morgan
7-kelly Bartz
8-Spencer Havermale
9-Lee Pruitt-DNS
10-Jake Sewell-DNS
11-Sieth Woodruff-DNS

Fast 6 Dash
1-Dave Wietholder
2-Steven DeLonjay
3-Rusty Griffaw
4-Chris Spaulding
5-Danny Lake
6-Dean Vickers

IMCA Sport Compacts
1-Austin Bercerra
2-Kimberly Abbott
3-Pat Dunker
4-Sieth Woodruff
5-Brandon Lambert
6-Alex Baker
7-Scott Smith
8-Josh Childress
9-Spencer Coats
10-Casey Lambert-DNS

Heat #1
1-Brandon Lambert
2-Sieth Woodruff
3-Alex Baker
4-Kimberly Abbott
5-Casey Lambert

Heat #2
1-Pat Dunker
2-Austin Bercerra
3-Josh Childress
4-Spencer Coats
5-Scott Smith

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