BLAKE FITZPATRICK, RANDY KORTE & Stephan Schnapf take wins at Haubstadt!


Haubstadt, IN – September 28, 2013 – Blake Fitzpatrick won the 25 lap feature for the Hoosier Tire MSCS Sprint Cars Saturday night at Tri-State Speedway. It was the first of three features on a triple header race card that also included the ALMS Late Models and UMP Open Wheel Modifieds. Randy Korte won the late model feature and Stephan Schnapf took the modified feature to complete the program.

Blake Fitzpatrick, of W. Terre Haute, IN, started sixth in the feature event and had moved up to second place by lap nine. Leader Jon Stanbrough continued at the point until lap 14 when Fitzpatrick took over. Stanbrough, who started on the outside pole, would finish second with Brady Short a close third at the finish. Wes McIntyre and rookie driver Carson Short rounded out the top five.

The feature ended with the checkered flag being replaced by the red flag. As the leaders completed the event, Braylon Fitzpatrick flipped his sprinter in turn four. He summed the incident up in a few words. “I was trying too hard, got into the wall, and then upside down!” But from there it was a short walk to victory lane to congratulate his brother on an exciting win. The brothers were late in the season in fielding cars and did not make it to their first MSCS race until August.

The feature was career win number two with MSCS for Blake Fitzpatrick. “You don’t know how good it is to be back in victory lane. I love this track and it is my favorite place to race.” He was hooked up! Blake races a Spike Chassis. The car is owned by John Fitzpatrick, sponsored by First financial Bank & Lucas Oil, and powered with an engine built by J & D Performance.

Two MSCS heat races were held. Jeff Bland Jr. held off Blake Fitzpatrick to win the first one. Brady Short won the second heat as Jon Stanbrough and Braylon Fitzpatrick battled for the runner-up spot. Both heats were won by drivers starting back in sixth spot.
Rookie Points leader Bradley Sterrett finished sixth in the feature.

Mitch Wissmiller, Levi Shields, Braylon Fitzpatrick, and Brian Karraker finished in the top ten. Wissmiller was the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race in moving up seven spots. Chris Babcock was presented with the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award based on his 11th place finish.

The MSCS Sprint Cars will return to Tri-State Speedway on Saturday October 12th for the Harvest Cup. The event will be the final race this season. The Sprint feature will pay $4,000 to win. The UMP Modifieds will be running with $1,000 going to the winner.


Randy Korte won the 30 lap Sunoco ALMS feature event in the very first appearance of this series at the Tri-State Speedway. Korte won in a dual with Bobby Pierce that provided fans with an exciting race to watch. Pierce had set the overall fast time with a mark of 13.783 seconds. Tanner English, Brandon Thirlby, and Matt Santel rounded out the top five. A field of 21 drivers were on hand representing five different states. Rodney Melvin, Pierce, and Korte won the 3 qualifying heats.
Stephen Schnapf took the 25 lap UMP Open Wheel Modified feature. It was his second win in a row at the speedway. Trent Young was second.
Young qualified for the feature in winning the B Main and then
worked to move up through the 18 car field for the feature. Dave
Beck, Shawn Cates, and Levi Kissinger rounded out the top five.
Cates, Joel Jensen, and Zach Fair won the three heat races.

Provided as race coverage for MSCS & Tri-State Speedway

Class Track Fall Roundup
Tri-State Speedway at Haubstadt, IN
September 28, 2013

Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series:
(17 Entries)

First Heat – 04 Jeff Bland Jr., 10F Blake Fitzpatrick, 21 Carson Short, 83 Wes McIntyre,
56 Levi Shields, 23 Brian Karraker, 35x Chris Babcock, 5A Lynn Ambrose,
38w Chet Williams

Second Heat – 11p Brady Short, 66 Jon Stanbrough, 3F Braylon Fitzpatrick,
90x Bradley Sterrett, 5K Kent Schmidt, 1 Mitch Wissmiller, 74 J.T. Stapp,
18 Kevin Chambers

Feature (25 Laps) – 10F Blake Fitzpatrick, 66 Jon Stanbrough, 11p Brady Short,
83 Wes McIntyre, 21 Carson Short, 90x Bradley Sterrett,
1 Mitch Wissmiller, 56 Levi Shields, 3F Braylon Fitzpatrick,
23 Brian Karraker, 35x Chris Babcock, 5K Kent Schmidt,
18 Kevin Chambers, 38w Chet Williams, 04 Jeff Bland Jr.,
5A Lynn Ambrose, 74 J.T. Stapp (DNS)

Sunoco ALMS Late Models:
(21 Entries)

Heats (Three Winners) – Rodney Melvin, Bobby Pierce, Randy Korte

Feature (30 Laps) – Randy Korte, Bobby Pierce, Tanner English, Brandon Thirlby,
Matt Santel, Rodney Melvin, Kevin Weaver, Brian Dively,
Rusty Schlenk, Dillan White, Tim Manville, Phil Ausra, Chad Zobrist,
Michael Kloos, Mike Schulte, Lee Thomason, Mike Hammerle,
Jason Zobrist, Jason Riggs, Kendall Johnson, Danny Jolley

UMP Open Wheel Modifieds:
(31 Entries)

Heats (Three Winners) – Shawn Cates, Joel Jensen, Zach Fair

B Main – Trent Young, Brian Shaw, Matt Lane, Willie Madison, Gary Welch,
Stan Phillips, Neal Kramer, Mike Beatty, John Wolfarth, Donnie Brantley,
Clay Lane, Cliff Tooley

Feature (25 Laps) – Stephan Schnapf, Trent Young, Dave Beck, Shawn Cates,
Levi Kissinger, Joel Jensen, Tyler Deibert, Bustin Beck,
Brian Shaw, Johnny Young, Matt Hines, Richard Lentz,
Mark Lamont, Willie Madison, Gary Welch, Michael Sabatino,
Matt Lane, Zach Fair